Monday, June 3, 2013

Disney...Day 1 of Travel!

Wowsers!  What a day.  Sometimes, traveling can just wear you out!   My day started at 4 am when I woke up wide awake.  At least I got some work done before leaving!  We were all up and out the house by 8..stopped for b-fast at McDonalds (no food left in the house) and were on our way down 69!   Then I began to I need ID for the boys?   Back to the house to grab their birth certificates.
Easy driving to Indy...had the address of the park, ride and fly in the Garman!  It took us to Ave, not Road...frantically trying to figure out where in the midst of NOWHERE we were...and how in the world to get to where we needed to be!  I felt totally helpless amidst all my technology and NOTHING was working!
But...we made it just behind Grandma and Grandpa and got on the shuttle to the airport!  Ride #1...a mini bus!
Then....check in and security at Indy airport!  Grant did really well during all of this.
 Ride #2..escalator and ride #3...moving sidewalk,
We were done with security 2 hours before our plane came..and since we spent our designated lunch time driving around trying to find the park place...we spent WAY too much money on lunch at the airport!  Highway (I mean runway) robbery I tell you!
The boys shared some mac and cheese, some fruit and some peanut butter packets I found that I think were meant for toast! Nice little carpet picnic!

 Waited for the excited to see it finally come in!
 Mickey was along for the whole journey!  Lots of cute smiles in his Disney shirt and with his Mickey!
 Ride #4...leg 1 from Indy to Atlanta!
 Grant sat with Andy and me!  He was super excited about the take-off but got very bored during the short 1 hour flight....and then a little chaos when his ears plugged on descent.  Yeah...we made a scene on the airplane.  At this point I really feared we wouldn't get him back on the train!   Seth sat with Grandma and Grandpa, played games and enjoyed the scenery

 Then...a very quick layover in Atlanta!  In fact, we basically got off the plane, used the bathroom and got back on the very same plane in the very same seats to finish the leg to Orlando!    Grant was awesome on this leg and never complained about his ears!    Ride #5...leg 2 from Atlanta to Orlando

Walked through the amazing Orlando cool is that hotel in the middle!   Seth was in awe and wanted to know when we could stay...Grant was mesmerized with all the Disney pictures!     Ride #6...monorail to the main terminal.    Had a short wait...boarded the Disney Magical Express and rode the last 40 minutes to our hotel!   And by ride #7...charter bus....Grant was EXHAUSTED!

We checked to our rooms...and our room smelled of beer and still had some sort of carpet cleaning machine in it!   We didn't think much at first, but when everyone else smelled it, we decided it was worth saying back down to check-in!    No adjoining rooms were available...but they offered to upgrade our room to the Family Suite.   We took that offer...moved our bags and FINALLY got some supper around 9:00. it is 10:30 and our checked bags finally arrived.. So...we can get ready for bed and tackle the parks tomorrow!   Hopefully...since we all have our own rooms...we will all sleep like a rock!

I must say...amidst all the obstacles we tackled...Disney has really stepped up to the plate!  We moved our trip back 6 days 2 weeks ago when we learned that the weekend we were supposed to be here was Gay Pride Weekend...didn't want to expose all of that to our kids.   Disney was great and even upgraded our rooms from standard to preferred!    And now...with the family suite...we are living nicely!'s been a long long day!   But..we are here...and we are excited and it's going to be a GREAT  6 days.  It's going to be magical!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everything worked out in the end. Relax and enjoy!

Jackie said...

Have a great time!