Sunday, June 16, 2013


Wednesday started out great...we hopped on the bus and headed to Epcot!  Grabbed a few iconic shots

 We headed over and picked up a fast pass for Soarin'...and rode on the "land".  It's a little dull...but the gardening area always fascinates me!
 Rode the Nemo ride
 Headed over to World Showcase for lunch...I really wanted fish and chips...but knew the boys wouldn't!  So...we headed 1/2 way around the world and grabbed the boys some good ole' American food.  We let them eat...then headed back to England for our fish and chips!  Then...back to the World Showcase.  We were just walking by when we just happened upon about 8 characters coming out...we totally beat the crowd and got pictures and autographs of them all in about 20 minutes!

By this was about time to head back to ride "Soarin."   It always freaks me out a little when you go up and your feet are hanging...but it's a pretty cool ride!  Fast passes are so much time if you are willing to wait and be flexible!
 After Soarin'...Grandma and Grandpa took the boys and headed to Animal Kingdom and had dinner at Rainforest Cafe...they then came back and went swimming at the hotel pool!

That left Andy and me at Epcot!   We took a little tour of the world!  First stop was Mexico!   We rode the boat ride, listened to a marachi band and tried on a hat!
 Then this time, it was raining AGAIN!  So..we waited almost an hour for the Norway boat ride and decided we would continue on our hunt for hats from the countries!
 Next stop...China!  Still raining!

 and even America!
 and Japan!  No settled for an umbrella!   Watched pearls being pulled out of oysters! was dinner time!  We ate at Restaurant Marakesh, which was Moroccan food!   We took our servers advice and had the combo platter!  It started with a cucumber salad and some sort of seafood pastry.   The meal was lemon chicken, leg of lamb and coucous.    The chicken was was my first time having was very tender...but I just couldn't decided on if i liked it or not.     Dessert was 3 samplings of baklava.   There was enterainment including a belly dancer.  It was great to try it...probably wouldn't go back.
 Stop and found the Moroccan head piece... a fez!
 A beret in Italy..or as someone said...looks more like a hot water bottle!
 A soccer hat in beafeater hats to be found
 and finally a  moose hat from Canada.  

We had fun and it was nice to spend some time just looking in all the shops.   We then hopped on the monorail and headed back to the Magic Kingdom.   We rode the Haunted Castle (Andy's favorite) and watched the Philharmagic Show.   We got out just before the crowd from the fireworks.   
I was amazed at how more crowded the park was this night...the whole main street was wall to wall people the entire length of the street.   I'm glad we got to see it the first night, when evidently the rain scared everyone away!

Came back to the hotel to 2 nicely showered boys!    We are so lucky to have such an awesome grandma and grandpa Ted who treat us to a trip like this AND watch the boys!  BLESSED!