Sunday, June 16, 2013

Disney...Hollywood Studios

Thursday morning we woke up to Tropical Storm Andrea!  BOO!  So...we slept in and arrived at the park after 10!  It was pouring down rain and we were at a complete loss of where to go.   We stumbled upon the Muppet show and watched that!   Reservations for lunch were at we headed over to the sci-fi drive-in for lunch.    It's a fun place to have a meal...and the boys were mesmerized by the old time movie clips.

 We found the CARS and stood in line in the rain to see them!

 At this point it was still raining..and we headed back to the hotel.   The boys watched a quick tv show and then we went to the arcade and had a snack....of course, the rain stopped and the sun started to shine!   So...back to the studios...take 2!

 We were able to get quite a few rides in...the backlot tour and the Movie Ride.
 and here they each other the "BEST BROTHER" award!  HA HA!

and a view down NY...and you can tell from Cathy's was starting to rain...again!!!

 After a few more rides...we had dinner at Pizza Planet

 did the Star Wars ride again...both boys loved it the 1st time.

 Finally were able to get our iconic photo in front of the hat!
 Rode the Toy Story ride...probably one of my favorite in the whole Disney complex!
 Andy, Ted, Seth and I rode the Rockin Roller Coaster!  Seth was really nervous before hand...but when it was all was all he could talk about!   His favorite ride by far!

 Grant had seen the light sabers at the Star Wars store...and he wanted that to be his special souvenir.  He was so excited to build his very own light saber!

But...then to tell him he couldn't play with it in a crowded park...a little frustrating.
 Then...headed out to see Fantasmic.  We had about a 30 minute wait.   It was a little bizarre, and scary at parts...but overall...a pretty cool show.
So...even amidst Tropical Storm Andrea we were able to have a pretty good day at Hollywood Studios.