Thursday, June 6, 2013

Disney...Magic Kingdom

We were up bright and early...ate a quick breakfast at the resort restaurant and headed to the Magic Kingdom.  There is something magical about walking down main street...with all the people...and obviously stopping for some pictures along the way.

 We headed back to the new area and hopped on the new Little Mermaid ride first thing.
 And then Dumbo...

 And Goofy's roller coaster...that Grant absolutely loved!
 Checked out some of the sites
 Rode It's a Small World

 and went to the Hall of Presidents...this was about 2 hours in and Grant was "SO TIRED" all ready!

 We ate a buffet lunch at the Crystal Palace....the 100 acre wood gang was there!  Grant was scared at first...and didn't want much to do with Piglet!

  But by the time Eeyore came around...he was good to go!

 We rode a few more rides...and then were able to catch the afternoon parade!  I love a parade!

 Then...Thunder Mountain Railroad...thumbs up for both boys.
 Seth continued his tradition from 5 years ago...having a mickey mouse ice cream bar!
 Rode the race track
 And then...more rain.  It had rained a little bit in the early afternoon...we were able to go on the Pirates and stay pretty dry!   It rained again in the evening...which cancelled the 9:00 electrical parade.  This was after we decided to purchase some ponchos...along with everyone else at Disney!  Gold mine I tell you!
 We rode a few more rides...Peter Pan and Jungle cruise. The jungle cruise was really really authentic...being in the rainforest in a complete downpour!

We were ready to head out...stopped at the bathroom one more time...but they started the fireworks and the  Celebration Laser Show...VERY COOL!      And then...since it was almost time...we decided to stay for the electrical parade! this time at 11:30 was done!
 The crowds were minimal and we got great seats!

 He did wake up for the parade...but both boys were out as soon as we got on the bus back to the hotel.

But is was bout 12:00.....long long day for little guys!

Seth did awesome..he has such a great spirit and is excited about everything.   Grant had his moments...particularly in line when he wanted held....but during the rides and as long as he was riding in the stroller he did really well.  We pushed them hard on our first day...looking for many more great days at Disney this week!