Thursday, July 18, 2013

A busy week

Friday, July 5 we loaded up and headed up to Garrett for the drive-in.  We met our friends the Newmans.  It was super crowded...crazy crowded.  In fact, people parked outside and walked in with their chairs.

It was a double feature...Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University

It was a little crazy...we didn't leave till 1!  But the boys did great and it was a beautiful evening to relax...before

VBS started on Sunday.  I was the director again this year...but fortunately this year I had a ton of help!  It was a crazy week...more kids than we've every had.  God really showed up and blessed the ministry in many ways.  It was definitely a family event...Andy helped cook and prepare all the meals before hand for the volunteers...and Seth always loves staying late and helping me set up/clean up!

On Wednesday we had a special treat as a long time "blog" friend Megan came in to town.  I first "met" Megan when searching the Internet for other kids with heart defects like Kate's.  Their son oldest son Elijah has the same heart defect. She is on a 3 week journey meeting other "heart families" and we were fortunate to be one of her stops.  We met at the zoo...on a VERY crowded day.

We went with Amber and her crew as well!  Their daughter also has a congenital heart defect...she lives in Fort Wayne as we've met a couple times.

 It was only a few hours...but definitely a bond with these mommas that is indescribable. Wished we had lots more time!  Megan is from Minnesota...maybe next spring we can go her way!

 And..this week Andy also put in a new patio door!   No lazy days of summer for us!   It was a little harder than expected..but he did an awesome job...and now we don't know what to do with a patio door that you can actually open with 1 hand.