Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grant's 4th birthday

Crazy summer schedules get in the way of our summer we celebrated Grant's bday with grandma and grandpa on Sunday, June 30.   Nana and Oompa were camping out west.

We grilled chicken, pasta, asparagus and requested by the birthday boy.  He opened his presents...which he was SO excited about.  I think waiting for his birthday after Seth and Kate's is a little hard on a newly 4 year old.

He was so excited about picking out his cake...he had been saying he wanted a star wars cake for a long long time.

 really...could he be any cuter?

 On Monday, his actual birthday, I babysat the Hunter boys.    Grant was excited about lunch time, we dropped off Cannon (the little one) with his grandpa and then grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds before heading to Crazy Pinz to play in the ball pit!   He was so excited!
 Then...after a couple hours at Crazy Pinz..we picked up Cannon and big sister Emersyn and kept them the rest of the afternoon.   We finished up the cake and had ice cream.

Happy 4th Birthday Grant!