Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 4th

It was a beautiful morning for the annual association bike parade. We headed down to the start and rode back to the open lot

 We met Seth's buddy, Nate and they jumped a while, ate some pizza and rode in the hostage vehicle
 and was time to get wet!  They had a lot of fun with the firehose

 We were the last ones to they even got to help roll up the hose

 We went swimming with Nate's mom and sister and grilled out!   We chose to not head downtown...
so Seth and Andy went to the store and bought some little ones...and they had a blast setting them off in the front yard.
 Andy gets into it a little bit TOO much!
It was a (not so) quiet night at home...many neighbors were shooting off lots of fireworks, so we really didn't miss out on much.