Monday, September 23, 2013

3rd grade already!

 I can't believe it...3rd grade!   I remember 3rd grade!    It came too quickly...summer just didn't seem long enough.

We had gone to register a week before...he found out his teacher, Mr Riecke!  He was was one of 2 of the teachers he wanted!   He was best buds in his class (no Nate or Elijah) but still enough guys he knew.  He was looking forward to it!  School supplies were bought and he was ready!

We visited the school the night before...he met Mr. Riecke and loaded his desk.  He's not scared...ready to tackle the year!  

He made the PEAK program...a pullout for 2 hours a week for gifted and talented kids...he's looking forward to it...mommy just wishes it was more than 2 hours!   I hope he gets challenged.

The 1st day came...his buddies were here to get on the bus!   He jumped out of bed with a smile on his face...3rd grade here I come!  He's ready...but mom...she wishes he would just stop growing!



Jackie said...

He's so tall! Look how tall he's grown!