Monday, September 30, 2013

Born to Run!

So there is a little trend out there in elementary schools....cross country running!

The flyer came home a couple weeks ago and Seth was all about it!   He's been practicing the past 4 or so weeks twice a week after school.   He's had 3 meets so far.

I missed the 1st one due to the church was between 3 schools...Seth actually came in 9th in his very first mile race.

The 2nd race blew me away!  It was in Columbia City and there had to be 25,000 people there!  Okay, maybe only like 700-800!   there were kids from all over northern Indiana...all 3rd-5th graders.
He got close to like 43rd proud of him!
Last Friday was his 3rd meet at Hickory Center...and it was between all the Northwest Allen County there were at least 500 kids!  It was a GORGEOUS night and exciting because they used bib timing chips for the 1st time.   

Seth and neighbor buddy John

 all the 3rd graders lined up and ready to go!
 coming around the bend on the 1st lap...
 here he comes again...almost done!  Still running...even over all the hills!
 coming across the finish line...not sure but we think he was around 16th or so!
 Always fun to run into friends from church from other schools!

And poor Grant...he always wants to play on the playgrounds...but they are too far away from the he is a little grumpy during the races....but he had fun running across the finish lines while the winners were announced...a few years from now I'm sure he'll be doing the same thing!