Monday, September 23, 2013

Camping Day #2

Wednesday morning we were up and breakfast made and off on a 3 mile or more bike ride to the nature center.   We got there just in time to to join a family hike up a sand dune.   The boys did amazing...climbing those sand dunes is not always easy....they never complained.
 Climbed to the top of one dune which actually had a big washout once you got to the top...pretty cool to's amazing how the winds/tide change all the dunes along Lake Michigan.

 We  went to the campsite for lunch and then headed down to the was late July...but was quite chilly...the water was there wasn't much swimming...just a lot of playing on the sand.

 and wasn't THAT chilly!

There was a little inlet...only about 2 feet it was a little warmer!  Grant had a blast playing in that!

 After getting cleaned up and eating supper...we were off to explore more of the campground...including some hiking
 and finally...we went back to lake Michigan to watch the sunset..we were early so of course we had to play on the sand dune!

 We found the highest spot we could to watch the magic

 and it was beautiful!