Monday, September 23, 2013

Camping Day #3

On Thursday we packed up and headed south.   We stopped in Saugatauk for a dune buggy ride...we had a 2 hour wait so we drove over to the state park and hiked out to see another view of Lake Michigan.
 Back for the dune ride...the boys were quite excited.
 We rode up to the top of a dune and got to explore...beautiful views of the lake and dunes

 Sometimes they get along...
Sometimes they don't!.

We then continued on to South Haven and checked in for one night at VanBuren State Park.  It was a little bittersweet as this was the campground/beach that we went to with know the "famous" beach picture of her....

We hadn't been back since....but we knew it was time,   Again...the weather was a little chilly and the water still frigid (it was late in the afternoon)...but the boys had a ton of fun collecting rocks.

We ate some supper and rode our bikes around checking out all the campers/tents.   The parks were pretty it's always fun seeing how everyone has their site set up!   We put Grant on the tag-along and he did GREAT!  We were able to take much longer bike rides...and he still felt like he was biking, not just riding in a trailer!   Love it
Spent a gorgeous night sitting around the fire again...eating more s'mores and just chatting!   Love my family.