Sunday, September 22, 2013

Catching Up...again

Wowzers...2 months!   I think I hit a new all time fact I was called out again at church today...there are people reading and I will get re-motivated and update my blog.  It is a great diary...and I need to remember that...and that my faithful few are waiting.

Golly gee...I think I left last off with Grant at the dentist back in July.   The rest of that week was special.

Seth left for Rookie Camp with 20 some 2nd-3rd graders from church.  This is his 2nd year, and he loves it..even when the temperatures get in the 90's.  He was gone from Tuesday-Friday.

                                                                   Giant ice cream sundae
Grant went to Grandma's for the rest of the week.  We took him down on Monday night and he stayed for the week which included another week of Kingdom Rock VBS.

Since we were alone on Tuesday night...Andy treated me to a wonderful dinner at Baker Street!  It was a delicious and a wonderful way to spend my pre-birthday.

Wednesday was my birthday and it was extra special in that my 4 best buds from high school came from Michigan, Ohio and N. Indiana for a day together.   We chatted a little before getting lunch at a Japanese place. Our waiter was hilarious and it was a real treat...I even got to ring the bong for good luck.

Then...we were off for a quick cup of coffee and pedicures!  It was hilarious...since a couple of us aren't use to pedicures...and don't really enjoy people "messin" with their feet!  We laughed all the way through.

Back to my house for a little more gab time and calendar scheduling to see if/when we could get together again!  Truly cherished friendships!

Andy took me out for dinner at Bandidos for my free was a great day of hubby and friends (just missin' my boys!)

On Friday, we picked up Grant in Decatur and had lunch at the Back 40 before swinging by to get Seth from camp.   We were all back together again!


Shari said...

THANKS, KRISTA!!! Your blogs are like reading a good book! Not everyone is on FB, you know! I'm sure that your parents and others enjoy reading your blogs also!