Monday, September 23, 2013

Jellystone Park with Nana and Oompa

 August came and Nana and Oompa graciously agreed to take Grant and Seth camping up at Jellystone Campground.    I dropped them off on Tuesday morning at Nana and Oompa's house and they were off for a great time!

I drove up on Wednesday morning to join them for a night....Andy had pool obligations so he stayed home...we wished he would have come up!

If you are familiar with is a GIANT money pit...I mean playground for kids!   After wasting a few quarters at the arcade...we took up the challenge of the Water Wars....2 giant water balloon launchers.

 We played in the pools and splash pads areas

 and even went down the giant waterslides.  I practically had to PUSH Grant off the first time...but he was smiling by the time he got to the bottom and asked endlessly to go again and again and again.

We took some hikes and bike rides
 and had fun on the playground

 That night we paid WAY TOO MUCH for some s'more supplies...but had a great time roasting marshmallows before hitting the sack for the night.

The next day we were sure to meet the whole gang for a picture
 and then spent a few more hours at the pool and on the water slides.  

The boys are so fortunate to have grandparents (on both sides) that take them on cool trips and love spending time with them.   It was a great 3 the week before school started!