Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Break

After spending a few wet cold hours in the rain during the race...and sitting some more during Seth's soccer game...we took some warm showers...rested up a little...packed our van and headed to Ouabache State Park (in Bluffton) to go camping.  Mom and dad had gone the past few days..and left thier camper there for us when they came home for the race.  By this time, it had cleared up and as a beautiful fall day.

It just happened to be a fall festival that weekend.  Grant was pretty excited to try out his Darth Vader Costume...he had a blast trick or treating around the campground.  (Seth chose NOT to trick or treat...I think he was so cold and tired when we were packing he didn't want to pack his costume....some of the campers still gave him candy though!)
 They also had fun passing out some candy after we were's a smaller campground than Chain O Lakes where we usually go...but it was a nice little "intro" into Halloween!
 Since we had our van too...we drove into town and had Pizza at Pizza King.  Andy and I both love Pizza King and rarely have it...unfortunately...this Pizza King wasn't as good as the one in Ft. Wayne or Portland...kinda disappointing.

We got back to the campground and the boys and I took a walk to look at the few campsites that were decorated.  We went to the lodge and got in on some free kettle corn.   We also were able to sign up for a hayride.  We went back to the campsite to pick up Andy (who was keeping his knee up from running on it that morning)  We waited a little more than boarded the haywagon and took a good 30 minute ride all around the campground and state park.  The moon was was  a great night!  

Back to the camper and jumped into bed and we ALL were asleep had been a long day!

We slept in a little and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  We rode our bike to the bison area and walked the mile hike around the bison. For some strange reason, Grant chose to carry big rocks?

 Then we went over to the fire tower...Andy watched (bad knee remember) while the boys and I climbed the 107 steps to the top.   It was a beautiful view...but my legs were screaming after my big run the day before.

 Spent some time on a nearby playground and explored the lake that had been drained!  Evidently there was a carp problem and the lake wasn't they drained it all.  
 We went back to the campsite and had some lunch.  The boys played...we relaxed a little...boys took bike rides and then the boys and I decided to take a hike.  Andy has been having problems with his knee for about a month or so.  He had been training for the 5k and really wanted to do that..but that caused a lot of swelling and pain.  He stayed back and elevated his knee while the boys and I explored.

Rock piles are always guaranteed fun!

We found ourselves back at the bison range again...

which also meant we were close to the we climbed that again!  By this time my legs were JELLO!

At this of the boys wanted to hike around the lake and one wanted to go back.  Since the lake was dried up...we chose to walk 1/2 and cut back through the middle!  We had been out in it during the morning...but evidently we found a lower, muddier spot!  I had a little problem with my shoe...both in fact!   It was deceptively soft..and I just keep sinking, and I tried running faster and I lost 1 shoe...going back to get it I lost the other one! UGHGH!  I was a muddy mess!

Back to the campsite, with very muddy socks, jeans, legs and shoes!   I took a shower while the boys checked out other campsites for leftover firewood.  We took a bike ride around the campground and then built a fire and cooked hotdogs.   Grant discovered a new way to cook his where  the smoke doesn't get in your eyes!

By this time...Andy's leg was really swollen and he could hardly walk.    We knew he needed to see a doctor and since he had the next day off (Monday) we made the decision to pack up and come home early so we could make sure he could see a doctor.   It was a hard decision and caused some tears...but it was totally the right thing to do...Andy was in so much pain...he couldn't even enjoy the camping. 

We got home around 8:20..and bribed Seth by telling him he could stay up and watch the entire Broncos/Colts game!

Andy got an appt Monday morning where they drained a bunch of fluid off his knee and gave him a cortisone shot!  We're hoping that does the trick and surgery can be avoided!

so..even though we packed up a few hours early...we had great weather and were able to enjoy 30 or so great hours in the outdoors!  We knew we were going camping again the following that helped too! But most importantly, we were glad to get daddy home...his knee iced and elevated and a good night sleep!


Jackie said...

Uh-oh poor Andy! So maybe he'll be marshalling next year's race and not running it then! Glad you had a good trip away.