Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Party...Candy Wars

When Seth showed me the binder at school registration...and the line for "room mom" was still open and he asked if I would do it...I HAD TO SAY YES!  How long will he want me around...joining in on all his festivities at school? I mom for 3rd grade.

The 1st party was at the start of fall break...I had an awesome group of parents who stepped up to the plate and donated lots of snacks.   Being the perfectionist (did I just say that?) that I am...I wanted it to be just but "cool"!    
I came up with the idea of "CANDY WARS" ....since the best thing about Halloween is the CANDY!  I wish I would have taken more pictures...but alas...I was too busy running around the classroom.

The class was divided up into 5 teams...with 4 or 5 kids per team:   The games included:

1.  M&M Sort...the kids had to sort a bunch of M&Ms by color, into separate at a time...going around the circle, taking turns while using 1 hand.
2.  Name that Candy...I had made a powerpoint of cross sections of candy a team they had to guess the candybar
3.  Smartie Stack...Using Smartie candies..they had to build the tallest tower.
4.  Find The Gummy Bear...One person had to find the 5 hidden gummie bears...hidden under a pile of whip cream, not using their hands!
5.  Licorice Sip...Without using their hands...they had to suck up a piece of licorice rope into thier mouth.
6.  Candy Corn Art...As a team they had to create a masterpiece from just candy corn
7.  Corny Straw ...Using only a straw, they had to move candy corn from one bowl to another by sucking the candy corn.
8.  Lifesaver Pass...Using a wooden kabob...they had to  pass a lifesaver down the row and back again. 

Each team got points for the place they came in for each game...the team with the most points got to pick out their prize first!

Then for snack...the parents all brought in various goodies...and the kids were able to make their own snack mix!   Each snack had a fun, Halloweenie name:
Monster Scabs:  Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
Bat Brains:  Popcorn
Ghost Poop:  White chocolate chips
Witches Warts:  chocolate chips
Candied Spider Eggs:  gum drops
Owl Eyes:  cheeseballs
Snake Eyes:   red hots
Witches fingernails:  bugles
Bloated Ants:  Raisins
Toasted Spider Webs:  pretzels
Ghost Guts:   mini marshmallows
Vulture Toenails:  candy corn
Goblin Belly Button Lint Balls:  M&M's

 I froze plastic spiders in the ice cubes (they loved this).
We also served doughnut holes and cider, green Hawaiian punch and chocolate milk!
(Note to self...3rd graders don't like cider...I think mine was the only one who chose cider!)

Seth said it was a lot of fun (although he was bummed that his team didn't win). plan something fun for Christmas!


Jackie said...

I love candy corn!! We don't get it here, one of our volunteers at work brought me a box back from the USA recently because I'd never had it. I totally fell in love with it and am craving it but can't get it!! Probably just as well since I have no will power. Looks like you had a fab party!