Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Soccer Star

It was an exciting fall for Grant...he was FINALLY old enough to play organized soccer.   He had been waiting SO long...going to game and game watching Seth.  He wanted to play SO BADLY.   

We signed him up for Upward through our church.    His practices started way back the first week of August.   He was so excited to go to his first practice.  He even got new shin guards and soccer socks!

The season went pretty good...he played with pre-k through some of the kids had a little more experience,  but each and every week he was out there chasing down the ball.

He was all over the field...and was constantly in cute to watch!

The 1st time both boys had a game on the same morning...tag team parenting has begun!

 And note to self..don't wait until the last game...thinking you will get lots of great shots then...cause it will be a cold-rainy day (the only one of the whole 8 games...go figure!)

But...on that last cold rainy morning...he MADE A GOAL!  The excitement on his face was priceless...and I was so sad that Andy missed it (cause he was at Seth's game that was at the same time).

And...the best part...he FINALLY has a trophy to put on his shelf...just like Seth!