Monday, November 4, 2013

Chain O Lakes....Part 1

It was our 5th year to go to Chain O Lakes State Park for their annual Fall Festival  The past few years, we have stayed with Nana and Oompa in their camper and Andy has come up for the day.  We really wanted to spend the whole weekend we opted to rent a cabin.    The idea of tenting it the last weekend of October is always scary.   We asked some friends to join us....and almost a year ago we secured 2 cabins (yep, they book that quickly!)

The boys and I left soon after Seth got off the bus and Andy met us there since it was on his way home from work.  We go the keys and checked into our cabin.   It was very nice...5 rooms (living, kitchen, porch & 2 bedrooms).  We got all unloaded...built a fire since it is only heated by a fire.  The Newmans came over and we all had spaghetti.  The boys ate out on the porch...while the grown-ups dined inside!

Nate has been Seth's best bud for the past 5 years...they have an older son Andrew who is in 5th grade.  
After dinner, we hiked over to the campground...probably about a mile or so.   We walked through the campground and saw some of the decorations before finding Nana and Oompa's site.  We chatted awhile and then hiked bike.  We restoked the fire, had some snacks and played a few games before settling down in the night.

The fire went out in the middle of the night and Andy came to the rescue and restarted it, which included a 3am search for kindling.

The next morning we were a little lazy...ate some breakfast (cousin Lucas rode his bike over).  We then drove over to the lake and hiked the 1.5 mile trek around the lake.  It was a beautiful morning...the leaves were just starting to the view was beautiful!

 The boys came upon a vine hanging from a we took some time to play on that!   Our little monkey boy Seth really had the hang of it!

 So of course, Grant had to try it too!   He didn't have the upper body strength to hang on...but was thrilled to just have my arm to sit on and swing a little.

 The kid LOVES the outdoors...and loves to go exploring!   He rarely complains when we are outside hiking for miles...but for some reason can't seem to walk up the stairs by himself!   oh, if we could live on a farm?!

 The little explorer is always busy...throwing something into some body of water!

We got back to the cabin and packed up some lunch and headed over to the campground!
To be continued....