Monday, November 4, 2013

Chain O Lakes..Part 2

We headed over to the campground and cooked hotdogs over the fire at Nana & Oompa's site.  (We weren't allowed campfires at the cabins).  The boys went over and painted a pumpkin in the big tent.

The boys played and rode bikes...the adults chatted...some friends cooked Kettle Corn over the fire...and then it was time to trick or treat!    

I loved our costumes this year.  It was Andy's idea....and then mom and I spent a couple days making them.   They were all made out of felt with some batting in the middle.

Graham Crackers:   I cut out the felt...Nana sewed them together and sewed the "cracks" down the middle.  I then just used yarn to make some little "dots".

Hershey Bar:  We did the same thing...with the felt and Nana added some silver fabric on the end.  I traced the letters and cut them out of felt and used wonder under to iron on the letters.

Marshmallow:  Nana made a pillow that we wrapped out him and covered with felt!  Nana did most of the marshmallow...I just sewed hook and eyes on the back for the closure!

It was great...I loved seeing people's faces when they put it all together after seeing each of us.   We got a lot of was fun...good time with mom sewing them...and good times at the campground.   We entered the contest...were one of the top 3 but lost out to the entire Dispiciable Me group (they were really cute!)

Our attempt at "squisihing together!"

Our friend the Newmans were super Colts fans!   They definitely have the COLTS gear!

 My brother wears this crazy mask and walks around the's kinda creepy...he gets WAY into it!
We had 1.5 hours to trick or treat....Grant was getting a little we decided to take a break and let the kids have a couple pieces of candy!   To my complete amazement: Grant grabbed the apple he got at one site, sat down under a tree and ate the whole thing!  That gave him enough energy to continue on...barely.

Some of the sites go all out in their decorations...this site had a complete 3 ring circus!

We came back to the campsite...the boys played football...Oompa cooked us supper...we took some bike rides...visited my brother's site..sat around the fire...and ate cheese balls!

Late that night...I took Nate, Seth and Grant on a hayride.

We came back to the cabin...Seth and his buddies sorted out their candy and traded goods!
Grant was exhausted and came back and got his jammies on and went to bed!  He loved that he could see over the wall from his top bunk bed.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to the campground for a hot breakfast from Oompa.   The boys played a little.    The Newmans left and the rest of us went down to my brother's site to listen to some family bluegrass...the entire family plays a different insturment.

Andy headed home while the boys and I helped Nana and Oompa clean up.  We then stopped by the old school house to see what was there...and got roped into a 45 minute talk on the history of 1 room schoolhouses....I was really surprised that Grant sat through it.

We headed home...ate some lunch and unpacked!   It was another great weekend  The cabins were an added treat so that we all had our own was great to have some friends along...and great to still have Nana and Oompa willing to share their campsite.

The cabins book we went ahead and booked them again for next fall...ready for another great Fall Festival! think of a really cool costume!