Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween

On Tuesday night before Halloween...we finally had time to carve pumpkins.   I always laugh when we tell the boys that WE are carving pumpkins...cause it really turns out to be a mommy/daddy project.   

Both of them refuse to dig the guts out...and Seth isn't quite comfortable with the sharp knives yet!  I"m sure Grant would love to carve if we would let him...but that's another story!!
 Seth did want a I did have him poke the holes through the pattern.
 Grant helped daddy make their look really silly!

And in the end..we had 3 cute pumpkins!

Halloween was on Thursday was a gross day and had rained all day.   Lots of people were making other plans and some communities even postponed trick or treating to Friday night.

After some bribing...we finally decided to go as the s'mores family again.  Grant had really wanted to be Darth Vader again..but that left no costume for Seth.    I told Grant I would give him a dollar if he was the marshmallow again...he refused...but gladly took the offer when I changed it to 100 pennies!  Looking back, I am glad he was able to be Darth Vader at Quabache when we went there a few weekends ago!

So...we put on our costumes and headed out with a neighbor family....and since it was so rainy and icky...this is the only blurry photo I got on Halloween....can you believe it?   I"m usually so much better than that!   It was decent for about 45 minutes...then it start.ed to rain and Andy and Grant headed home.  Seth wanted to continue he and I went for about 30 more minutes before it got really windy and rainy!  We got home in time for them to pass out candy to about 10 or so trick or treaters.

So after 3 trick or treat runs this year..we are definitely well stocked on the candy!