Monday, November 4, 2013

Seth's Soccer Saga

Seth's soccer journey started right after Labor Day.  We chose to move over to St. Joe Soccer this Seth was ready for a little more competition as well as bigger fields and goalies.   One of our biggest concerns was ending up with a coach who wasn't a Christian and focused SOLELY on winning. 

We were more than thrilled when we learned that one of Seth's best buddies dads was going to be a coach...we quickly called in a coach request and ended up on team England.

 He played 7 weeks worth of games, with a double header on the first week.  It wasn't a stellar year for Team England...I think they may have only won 2-3 games and got creamed a couple times.
 Seth loved it and was one of the stronger players on the team.  He often played forward and played most of the games.   He had multiple goals throughout the season.  He definitely improved his skills throughout the year.

 After a week break...St. Joe plays a tournament.  It's a double elimination.  We truly figured based on our year that we would play 2 games and be done!   We had a great team...but had a team that hadn't played together before.  Some of the teams had been playing together since they were 4.

So..last Saturday (Nov. 2) we played our first game and lost 0-2.   We had a break...went home...warmed up and came back ready to play our 1st round of the loser's bracket.

Well...we played...Seth scored a goal and we won 1-0!  That meant another small break for lunch.

Seth and his buddy Eli getting ready to play game 3! 3 comes along and we WIN!   2-0!   The kids are excited and forgot that is was cold and rainy and they were freezing and soaking wet!
 We only have a few minutes before game 4....we stand under umbrellas to stay dry...and low and behold...we win game 4 with a score of 1-0!  The parents are amazed...the kids are so excited!  The parents are cold and wet and want to go home...the kids are really getting excited!
 So...on to game #5.  We are now playing the same team that beat us the 1st game in the morning.  That team is a little cocky since they know they have beaten us 2x...once during the season and once that morning.

The game ends in a tie---0-0 which means they have a 5 person penalty kickoff.   And wouldn't you know it...we WIN!  Seth kicked one of the goals and got it in.  At this point...the kids are so pumped...the parents are in disbelief and our day gets even longer.

We warm up in the gym...get a little snack and get ready to play game #6

We played hard...but they played a little harder...we held them off for almost the whole game..but ended up losing 0-2.  BUT...the kids were thrilled.  They put their minds to it...played 6 games and showed some of the other teams that they were a team!    We ended up coming in 3rd place...coming all the way up the loser's bracket...and lost to the team that ended up winning the whole thing.

So...the games started at 9:30 and we left at 5:00 pm..with a very wet, cold, sore and tired little boy!

On Sunday..Coach Andy had the team out to his church for a pizza party.  He did a cute little award ceremony and nicknamed the entire team!  Seth was named Seth "solid throughout" Layman.   
We left with Grant who had a fever..but Seth stayed to play an indoor soccer game and rake some leaves.

The season was great...we got to know his buddy Eli and his family so much better...had a godly coach lovin' on our kid...and had 1 incredible Saturday that totally made the entire season!


Anonymous said...

It was a great day but it would have been nice if there hadn't been about 20 minutes of rain. Too much for Nana and Oompa but we are very proud of Seth and did get to see him score a goal.

Jackie said...

Wow!! Go Team England! I'd have been their biggest supporter if I'd been there!