Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Building of Masterpieces!

What a FUN FUN night!   We've been intentional with some friends about "doing" life together! It's been so fun.  On Monday, Dec. 22 we got together to build gingerbread houses.   We paid money to a lady from church...she supplied the bases and some of the supplies, including the icing.

After a pitch-in supper...we got started!  This was our house we started with!

Seth was pretty into building our house...grant...well he lasted about 2 minutes!
 It got pretty serious...each of the 4 families had an hour and 40 minutes to decorate.   Preston even got out his tool kit...LOVE IT!
 I was complettely blown away by the creativity of everyone...we all had our special little things that made each house unique and special!

Brett, Jennifer, Aubrey and Andrew

 Alan, Lisa, Owen and their other son :)
 Our little family!
 Preston, Marita, Emily, Madeline and Amelia Short

 Each house had things that made it so special...loved the split rail fence and pudgy snowman on Alan and Lisas
 Our house was personalized with an L

And Andy built a hot tub!

Loved the dripping snow on the Nixons

The Shorts had adorable wreaths and trees

and a cute little dog, appropriately named Pretzel!

Afterward, the adults chatted and laughed while the kids played.   AWESOME memories...and more Christmas traditions started!