Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Morning

The boys slept much later than we expected...we had told them to wait till 7...they both slowly rolled out of bed around 8:30!   While we were getting ready to go down together...we couldn't find Grant!  Well...he had snuck down and had already checked out the stash from Santa!

so..this is a repose at the top of the stairs...waiting to go down!

Santa brought Seth his very own tablet!
And Grant..his own bike!  

 After checking out Santa's gifts...we emptied our stockings...lots of little goodies inside!

Back to the tree to open presents...including a new drum!

and basketball shoes!

and the big surprise...tickets to a COLTS game and the children's museum with an overnight stay in Indy!
Silly boy!

Nana and Oompa came over for breakfast brunch and more presents!   We are so spoiled!
Grant loved is new fish tank...and Seth is super excited about picking out a boogie board when we get to Cape May this summer.

One more...in our Christmas jammies!

After doing dishes and before heading to Grandmas...we had some down time...Seth chose to read over playing with his new tablet...LOVE THAT KID!


It truly was a blessed Christmas morning with family...and there was still more Christmas to come!