Saturday, December 14, 2013 traditions?

This year's Thanksgiving weekend was just a little different than normal and didn't include a lot of our normal traditions  But, overall we had a great time and still got to see family and friends..those in our life we are most grateful for!

Wednesday:  We opted out of the downtown lighting this year.  It was SO COLD and Seth had been up sick the night before.  So...after a visit to see our Thankgiving friends, Art & Maureen, who were visiting just for a couple days...the 4 of us went to dinner and drove around the Festival of Lights.   We came home..put on our warm jammies and watched a Christmas movie and had popcorn.

Thursday:  We woke up and watched the parade, as normal.  But due to lots of different situations, we postponed our family Thanksgiving.  Doug's family needed to be with some of Amy's family in Ohio, and Art & Maureen had to leave early for a wedding.  So....we had pb&J for lunch...napped..watched tv and then took the boys to Nana and OOmpa's while Andy and I ran the kart at Parkview.  We had a low-key dinner with Nana and OOmpa when we got back

Friday:  We busted our tails and got all the decorratons (inside and out) up (minus to 2 big trees).  Love pulling out all the Christmas decor...always makes the home feel more cozy.  Then...we headed over to Nana and OOMpas's for our traditional turkey dinner with just our immediate family.  It was nice...but we sure missed the Vollmer family.  The kids played a lot of player piano and had a great time, as always.

Saturday:   Nana, Oompa and I took the kids to Crazy Pinz for bowling.  Bowling had been a Thanksgiving tradtion from years past and it was fun to see the kids trying it out.  

Later that night...we went over to some friend's house for pizza and chatting.  We had a great time and talked about being intentional about doing life together.   I'm exited about it, as I had grown up with family friends from church.

One of the highlights of the evening is when the kids called us down for a gymnastics show.   The older 4 had "trained" the younger 3 on floor, beam and vault!   They had routines and medals!   It was amazing to see how the little ones paid so much attention to the big kids and listened!  It was truly heartwarming

                                                        Getting ready to do the "vault"

the coaches and their apprentices!   LOVE IT!
Sunday:  After church, we headed downtown for the Festival of Trees.  We grabbed a quick lunch at Pint and Slice before heading to the Embassy. We had always seen the trees during Breakfast With Santa when there were hardly anyone there...On a Sunday afternoon, it was very busy!  In fact, it was hard to even read about the trees before being pushed on by the crowd.  But...we did get to see the Kate's Kart tree and the boys sat on Santa's lap.

Pizza lunch...just love the looks on their faces!

The very pink Kate's Kart tree

 Sunday night, while Seth had choir practice...Grant and I went to Walmart and bought a tree and decorations for the office.  It was so much fun picking out pink things.  

By Sunday night, we were all exhuasted...but filled up with great memories with family and friends.