Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas!

The week before Christmas break was crazy, as usual!   I always hope that I'll have everything ready...but it never is!, days after all got done and it's all why should I worry?  Luckily, we had lots of fun too, as we prepared for the BIG day!

I had 2 parties in 24 hours.   I helped plan and organize the 1st-4th grade party at church...and then the next day had Seth's Christmas party!  The parents were awesome and we had a great snack table of Reindeer Chow and Milk and Cookies for Santa!   Again...LOVE that I get to be an integral part of the boys school lives!  It was a lot of planning and preparation..but a ton of fun too!
 On Friday, December 20...Seth had the day off school.  We spent most of the day collecting things from different schools/places for Kate's Kart!  It was an incredible day getting books from a school, picking up $1800 in cash plus office supplies from a company, picking up 12 boxes of books from Barnes and Noble AND going to the Northrop Game to receive $250 in gift cards from Magic 95.1 in honor of the cheerleaders

We had gotten a call on Wednesday from Dirk at magic...telling us we were part of their Christmas wish program.   Luckily, mom and dad came and watched the boys so that Andy and I could go!   During halftime, Dirk and Angie honored the cheerleaders, and then gave us $250 in honor of them.   I had to speak...and it was even on the news!   It's just crazy the blessings KK receives..and the strange and unique ways we get support!

Oh yeah...amidst that day of blessings...we also had the furnace fixed...luckily we got someone to come the next was a relatively easy fix and we weren't without heat on a cold night!

On Saturday...we had friends over for Pizza and games.  We were supposed to go on a carriage ride through the lights at Franke Park...but it was pouring down rain!   A fun night of pizza and games at home was much better.

Love that Andrew, Amelia and Grant are such great buds!

And...Seth has fun with his little group of girls!   I think he likes all the attention he gets!