Monday, December 30, 2013

Country Christmas

We headed to the Fairgrounds on December 13th for their Country Christmas.   

Since our Santa we saw at the festival of trees didn't have a "real" beard...I told the boys we had to get one more shot with Santa!  Plus...we got Mrs. Claus too...and they were in their cute little Santa shirts!   Yep...I'm that mom that will make them sit with Santa till they are 21!

After sitting with Santa...we took a horse drawn wagon ride around the fairgrounds...even sang "Jingle Bells"  It was a beautiful night for it!

We then explored the live animals in the barn...Grant would love to live on a farm and have a bunch of animals!   Me..on the other hand had a significant allergy issue just being in the barn...sorry Grant!

 Never saw a live camel before!

 Back to the main room for a couple Christmas crafts!   He was SO excited for his bird feeder!
Love building memories of Christmas time like this with my family!   LOVE IT!