Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

It was Monday (Jan 14) right after lunch....Grant and I were at preschool pals for church...we were at a friend's house. The kids were playing upstairs...I was getting my baby fix holding an itty bitty baby We heard the crying...and my friend (of whoms baby I was holding) ran was Grant.

He was crying pretty hard...holding his wrist. He didn't we loaded up and went home. I swang by the bank on the way...getting a sucker...knowing that might distract him...NOPE! We came home...he settled down...watched some tv...but was really holding his wrist and complaining whenever I touched it.

So...I called the pediatrician...they suggested coming in. We waited for Seth to get home (about another hour...he was calm, on the couch watching tv). Into the doctors...he felt around on it and suggested an Xray. Off to Dupont Hospital. He did so could tell he was a little scared..but sat so still and looked so little. They said they would call ASAP.

We came home...met daddy! He was still favoring it...wanting to just sit in front of the tv. The call came in: buckle fracture of the radius. The nurse wanted to know where we wanted to go in the morning. A few calls to insurance (NO HELP) so I went to Facebook and asked for advice on the break as well as an ortho doc.

We grabbed some dinner (McDonalds) and I went to bible study. He fell asleep quickly for Andy...and slept SOUND all night.

Meanwhile...a FB friend's husband works for ONE and said he could get us in first thing in the morning with the best peds doc in town! We jumped on that!
Andy woke up at 5...drove to school to do lesson plans. He was back by 7:20 and the 3 of us left as soon as Seth got on the bus. We checked in....dropped our "Bob sent us" and saw the doc within about 20 minutes. It was a quick visit with the doc...pretty obvious about the care...and we were off to the casting room.

He chose green...he was SO GOOD...sat so still...did exactly what he was supposed to do...and 10 minutes later, he was proudly sporting a sparkling green cast! He'll wear it about 3 weeks (with a check-up in 1.5 weeks).

The novelty wore off soon..he was wanting it off about an hour later. He doesn't quite get 3 weeks...that time frame is hard to grasp at 3. the day wore on he got more and more comfortable with it! By bedtime..he was wrestling on the ground with Seth.

So..he's super brave...quite the trooper and has really made our 1st cast experience (for any of us) quite simple (so far) or it is all just relative?