Saturday, February 16, 2013

The rest of the month in pictures

Just a few other scenes from the last month!
Seth is playing's really hard for me to get a decent photo in that gym!  He is doing great and looks forward to his game every Saturday
 We celebrated Andy's glad to have him in our life!

 Every once in a while..they are so SUPER CUTE and get along....every once in a while!
 Seth had his 2nd bible quiz of the year in late January.    I missed most of it due to a Kate's Kart speaking engagement...but Mr. Smarty Pants got 2 perfect rounds and was in the top ten!
 We got a few small snow storms.  Andy was battling the flu one the boys and I tackled the driveway!  They are actually pretty good workers!

 Seth didn't have school the day after the Superbowl!  His buddy, Nate spent the night and we had a very little and low key party!
 I took Seth to the Y a couple times over his 4 day winter break weekend.  He loves playing in the gym.  He is now old enough to be in their by himself.   I left to go workout in the fitness room and what a surprise when I checked on him and he was playing  a little pick up game with some other boys!  
 Seth had a b-day party.  Grant and I had a date at the mall.  We dined on Taco Bell, rode the carousel and played in the little play area.  He loves that place...even with his cast!
Seth had his 3rd quiz meet on Feb. 16.  It was a district wide quiz...he once again got 2 perfect rounds and was in the top ten again!   That kid is scary smart...things just stick with him WAY to easy! We're so proud of our little guy!

Grant's cast journey

Grant did really well with his wasn't long before he was jumping on his brother and using it as a small weapon.    We went back to the Dr. after about 1.5 weeks for a check-up.   He had another x-ray.   It's healing well...come back into 1.5 weeks! 
 So..we went back...hoping/expecting  to get the cast off.  By this time, it was getting a little "Stinky"   He had finally decided that we could write on some of his loved ones wrote their names.  We were wasn't quite healed yet!  Dr. asked if he would be "gentle" with it...we opted to leave it on another 1.5 weeks.
 So...back we go February 16.  They took the cast off...with the pressure saw!  Grant was pretty intrigued
 A few snips of the guaze
 and FREEDOM!   It looked good...a little pale...with some dry skin.  But we didn't find any treasures inside! was on for 4.5 weeks.   He got lots of attention...a few gifts.   Whenever anyone asked what he did...he replied:  "i fell off a bed!"    Nothing really stopped him...and the only thing we didn't do was go swimming or take a really good bath!
We came home with a velcro splint...just to keep it safe for a another week or so!    I think his bath he took that night was the most fun he had in the bathtub for a long time!

So...for our 1st experience with a cast...for Andy, me or the went well!   Not that we want to do it again...knock on wood!

Seth's Valentine's Day

Seth's teacher had her 1st annual Valentine Box competition. Seth was all excited.  He wanted to make a cat.  So, thanks to a new shoe box...some recycled pop cans and some scrapbook paper...he had his cat!
 He got all his Valentine's ready...and headed off to school.  I joined him for his party....I made heart cookies for all the kids....they were a HUGE hit!
 They played a bunch of minute-to-win-it type of games...this was a candy obstacle course!
 and everyone loves throwing marshmallows (just not cleaning them up!)
 I love that I can come in and see him interact with all his classmates...he was SO excited that he won "FUNNIEST" box after a class-wide vote.    They all took it so seriously.   The whole class did so well on their was neat to see.   Here he is with his learning group...all girls :)  

Grant's Valentine's Day

Grant's Valentine's Day began with Preschool Pals from church.  It's a group of moms and preschoolers who get together once a month for some fun and fellowship. This month I hosted it and we decorated cookies.  Sprinkles, icing and 3 year olds...guaranteed fun!

                                        This was 1/2 of the group...they did really well!

Then on Wednesday...he made his Valentine's cards.  He wrote a "G" on each card and put a couple pieces of candy in a little bag!  He was so cute.  He was insistent on buying princess cards for the girls.  I mean..."throw a fit to the point that I am embarrassed at Meijer" fit. 

On Valentine's Day, I went into his classroom for his party.  They started with cookies and ice cream.

 I led them in a heart BINGO game and they played a "pin the heart" game after they passed out their Valentines.
 He was so excited about his bag of Valentines...most especially his whale crackers...GO FIGURE!

"Perry"dise Carnival

Seth's school carnival was on February 8th.   The theme was "perry"dise (a play on his school name, Perry Hill).   They always have a cake walk and with that a cake decorating contest.   Seth was all excited to decorate his cake.

After a quick trip to the candy store...he had his beach scene all ready!   Loved the sour patch kids laying on fruit roll-up towels on a bed of graham cracker sand! excited boy who came home with 1st place in the best themed cake!   Yeah for Seth!

Oh, and I must report that Grant cried hysterically through the WHOLE decorating time...."I wanna decorate too!   I wanna do it!  Seth won't let me!   ME! ME! ME!"    Oh how unfair it is to be the younger brother.  Poor kid...NEVER gets to do anything!  HA HA!  He was so distraught, it was almost comical! And you know Seth was all about it being HIS cake...not Grants!  

Celebrating Kate's angel day

It was a month ago (January 15)....the day that Grant got his cast on that we had our "celebrate Kate" night.   Hard to believe that it had been 5 years since she went HOME...finally completely healed.   5!   Some days it seems like yesterday...other seems like a lifetime has passed.  
We started a little tradition 5 years ago...that night was no different.
We went and bought balloons.  The boys each get to pick out a balloon for Kate.  Grant picked out a tinkerbell balloon.
Seth picked out a pink heart.
We wrote a simple note to Kate on each balloon.  Grant drew a "G" cause that is what he has recently learned.   Seth wrote a touching note about how she will always be his little sister and how much he misses her.   We attach the notes and Kate's Kart bookmark and send the balloons up to Kate! true Kate fashion...we have some ice cream! 
Over and over again I am SO grateful that we have Kate's Kart...a living legacy that's growing and flourishing and giving back.   SO helpful in our continued healing process....a process that isn't even close to being over, even 5 years later.

Catching Up...again!

It's been a month...again!  January/February are pretty "slow" when it comes to pictures and activities...but usually I have something to say to keep up with this blog that no one reads anymore.   But I'll give you the same ole' is busy.   Not the busy life that seems "blogworthy" but the life that keeps you going morning to night and makes you want to go to bed shortly after the boys do at 8.   Tonight I'll get caught up...and again hope that another month doesn't come around before another post!

This is seriously how overwhelming my "to do" list is...and before long, what my Kate's Kart "to do drawer" will look like if I don't get caught up!