Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easter in Portland

Normally, Easter is held at our house and both families come...well, since Easter was over spring break, my family was all out of we headed to Portland after church to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa Ted!
Of course I had to get pictures of my handsome boys...golly I love this boys! Grandma always buys them such cute outfits...they always look so sharp.

After lunch, we had a egg hunt in their huge, muddy, wet yard.   They loved it..especially since these eggs were all filled with candy.

 And...Grandma also spoils them with Easter baskets too...they were so cute together, going on a scavenger hunt throughout the house looking for their baskets.

 And then...the boys stayed overnight while Andy and I came home. What a relaxing start to our spring break.

Easter Morning

The boys were up bright and early Easter Morning.    The Easter Bunny hides the baskets, so the first order of business is to find the basket.  Grant found his first...goodies included an obnoxious bike horn, water balloons, t-shirt, monster truck and hotwheels, socks and some candy of course!
Seth found his too...including a nerf gun, more water balloons, bathing suit, socks, movie and some candy too!
 Then the boys hunted for eggs hid around the house....Grant was so cute..."I found a blue one....I found a green one"

                                           Grant's favorite....his GIANT chocolate bunny!

Then...time for showers and 1st service at church!  He is Risen...He is Risen indeed!

Getting ready for Easter

It was the Saturday before Easter and we headed over to Hickory Center Elementary for the Triple Point Church Easter Egg Hunt.  It was a beautiful morning, nicer than it had been all year...which brought the people out!   We got a quick picture with the Easter Bunny before the crowd came.
We ran into friends from church and chatted while we waited for the okay to go!

 Grant and Andrew hunted in the 4-7 age group!  We moved Grant up because he is a GIANT and he would have trampled on the little ones.  Grant had a better idea of what to do...but he kept missing his basket as he threw the eggs into it. 
 Aubrey and Seth hunted in the 8-12 group.  It was chaos...lots of kids running like mad men. It was some cut-throat egg hunting.
 It was fun, but went really really quick.  I think they said they had over double the attendance of what they had in the past, which meant they only got about 6 eggs...but it was still fun and they experienced the "thrill of the hunt."

After lunch we decorated amazes me how much fun they have doing this.   We colored 3 dozen...but they could have easily done 15.   I love the simple joy it brings them and we don't even do anything fancy.

All ready for the Easter bunny to hide!  We enjoyed a quiet evening at home watching Peter Cottontail and relaxing because I didn't have to prepare Easter lunch the following day.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Most of a post!

So, evidently I've hit an all time record...a WHOLE month without blogging.  I've either got to step up my game...or give up!  But...since I am still behind on scrap booking...this does serve as a great record of our lives.

March was packed flew by...obviously.   Looking, I don't have a WHOLE ton of pictures that I took, but we'll fill in where we can!

Summing it up the best I can:

Seth finished up his C3Sports season the first weekend of March.   He's played b-ball 4 years now...and has learned some basic skills...but since he has a love for it, we are looking into a more competitive league next year.  Can't believe I most likely will be a bleacher mom.  We finished the season with an afternoon at Crazy Pinz the following day.

We had a couple snow storms...closing school 2x. March definitely came in as a lion!

We had a fun game night with some other families from's been fun getting to know some other families.

Seth had his 4th was close by at our church...he did great as usual

Oompa turned 70 and we celebrated with the whole family!  Oompa cooked his own crablegs and steak and baked his own cake!  Love my family.

Andy and I had a date afternoon...we went to see a silent movie at the Embassy.  It was actually interesting...and I enjoyed it more than I thougth I would...Andy of course was loving every minute of it.

Seth sang in his church choir on Sunday evening service

Grant has taken on a love for letters and his name...he surprised us 1 night by spelling his name on the floor.

I got to scrapbook an entire Friday evening and all day Saturday.  We got about 12 friends together, got a room at church and had a blast.  Of course I got no where caught up...but made some progress and had a great time as well

Had planning meetings for ice cream social, resale, and's a busy busy time of year.

Seth had a new obsession with the NCAA tournament.  He is all into the brackets, made his own predictions, gets up early to check the computer for late games, begs to stay up to watch late games and even blew his teacher away when he knew all the results of the 1st round of games.

Baked over 50 dozen cookies in 1 was a marathon...but I made it! WHEW!  Saving up for new counter tops!  Had lots of help from the family, including Nana and Oompa getting them packed up and everything cleaned up!

Interviewed a new candidate for the Children's Ministry Position at church...waiting on God's perfect timing

Andy has his 1st academic competition of the year..studying Greece this year.

Went shopping for new jeans and shoes for Grant...size 5/6 and size 1 shoes...he is going to be HUGE!

Grant went to friend's birthday party at Jungle George's...he was so excited!  It was actually a snow day so Seth got to go too...he loved it too!

Grant and I went to Mom's Night at was 50's night! Always a special time that I have memories of this with Seth too!

Andy battled his ongoing illness...feeling poorly almost every weekend!  Think he finally beat it after a trip to Redimed.

The end of March brings us to Easter and spring break...of which I actually have more pictures.  So..those will wait for another post..coming soon...much much sooner than this one!