Friday, May 31, 2013

ZOOpendous Fun

Our whole family met my brother's family at the zoo on Mother's Day.   The cousins love any chance to get together.  It was a little chilly for mid-May, but still an enjoyable day at the zoo.

And one day after school...I ventured with 5 kids.  They were awesome!    Seth invited his buddy Elijah, and  I had Kael because it was a preschool day.    Then...last minute, Kael's sister got on the wrong bus to come home and her mom called in a panic hoping I could keep her too!  So...she came along.   It was a beautiful afternoon...and there was no one was the perfect time to go!

It was evidently breeding season for the peacocks..cause they were really "showing off!"

Can't wait to go lots more...but honestly, my favorite time is early spring and early fall...but any day is a good day to go to the zoo!

Seth's last day of school

Friday, May 31 was Seth's last day of school.   We continued our tradition with a trip for donuts.   Andy stayed home with Grant, so Seth and I had a little mommy date.   We were up early and at Dunkin by 6:30...I'm always amazed at how many people are buying donuts so early in the morning.

 We came back in time for a some traditional pictures.  Golly he looks tall!

The mom's at the bus stop had a little surprise water gun fight!  We got summer started with a bang...and some ice cream!  Too bad it was cloudy and rainy...but we still had fun!
 The brothers are always at each other.  Grant was SO excited.
 Bus stop buddies!    Yeah for summer!

 This year was amazing for Seth...he had an extraordinary teacher.  She is funny, kind and pushed Seth in so many ways.   I so appreciate her and totally gave me complete confidence in the public school system and the teachers.  I just pray that next year will be just a much a blessing as this year has been!

Grant's last day of Preschool

 Grant's last week of school was the week of May 13.     He had his program on Tuesday May 14.   He sang songs, including "This Little Light of Mine"    He did really well, and sang all the songs and did most of the motions.

 He does tower over everyone else in his class.
 Here he is walking across the stage...having his "moment in the spotlight" as he got his special gift.
 Thursday was his last day...we continued a tradition we started with Seth and went out for doughnuts.  Andy had a conference, so he was able to go which was great.   Kael, the boy I have babysat got to go along with us...
 along with Kael's younger brothers, who I watched that day too.
 We came back for some quick pictures....can't believe the shy little boy back in September is now a sure little guy.

Yeah for the last day of preschool!
I also had fun making some little teddy bears driving cars...perfect for the teddy bear class!

It was a great year for Grant...he definitely gained a little more self-confidence and hopefully learned a little too!  He's ready to go back when he turns 4!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The soldier who ran away!

Being married to a history buff...I'm never quite sure what battlefield I might visit on a vacation.  This was yet another new experience.
Andy's family is into their genealogy and have traced their ancestry way back...back to 1791 to  a man named Cyrus Sackett.   He was of very few that survived the most devastating Indian defeat in US History.   It was St. Clair's defeat, and thousands of army men, women and children were killed when attacked by Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 
But not Cyrus...he chose to run...and he ran and ran and escaped...thus going on to marry and bear children...and so on and so on.
Well, on May 5, Fort Recovery, Ohio had their 100th anniversary re-dedication of the monument that stands as the largest unknown solder grave in the US.   They invited all descendants from those who fought in the battles to come as special guests.  We headed over there.
We explored the fort and read a little on the history

And then there was a ceremony...with lots of Ohio dignitaries, and flags and 21 gun salutes and patriotic singing.    Here is Andy standing as they recognized all the descendants.
Uncle Dave (Grandma's brother), Grandma, Andy, Grant and Seth....the blood line...descendants of Cyrus Sackett...the solder who ran...and we're all so glad he did!

 The cutest thing...Grant is very sensitive because Seth is always getting ribbons and trophies for his quizzing.  We hear often:   "I didn't get a ribbon"  "I don't have a trophy"  "Seth is good at everything and I"m good at nothing"    It breaks my heart.  Well...he got his ribbon may say descendant and 100th anniversary Monument....but to a 3 year old...that's okay...cause he now has a ribbon hanging on HIS bulletin board.  He held on that pretty tight!

State Bible Quiz

Saturday, May 4, was the state bible quiz in Terre Haute.   We knew it was going to be quite the drive, and thanks to some generosity from some friends who had a connection...we decided to get a hotel.  We met Grandma and Grandpa Ted along 69 and dropped off Grant...knowing it would be a lot of driving for him.
We headed on to Terre Haute...going through Indy during rush hour, and the weekend of the mini!  After stopping for supper, it took us almost 5 hours.  We were glad to have a place to sleep and get some rest.
After a TERRIBLE stop at McDonalds for breakfast..we were off to the meet.
Seth was a little nervous...he had to hold his box on his lap
But....he and Aubrey, did outstanding...both getting double perfect rounds...not missing one question.

 In fact...all 5 quizzers from Grace Point got double perfects..and were part of the winning district.   And...'s on to world in June!

We stopped for lunch...had some awesome pie and had a much quicker drive home...avoiding all signs of traffic.   We are so proud of Seth and his accomplishments this 6 quizzes he has only missed 1 question...pretty darn good I must say...cause even after I ask him the questions over and over, I still can't remember all the correct answers.

It was a nice little trip with our 1st born..he was so cute..just sitting in the back row of the van...playing his DS and reading....I think he read 3 books on the trip.   Golly I love that kid!

Our Little Scientist

Last week at just happened to be Seth's special week...AND the topic for his weekly speech was:  science experiment or magic trick!   Well...we just happen to know someone who is REALLY GOOD at science tricks!  So...we invited Oompa in and he and Seth did a whole hour long show!
They met the weekend before and went over was a great hit with the kids.
Here is Seth making his own, white and blue with acids and bases.

 More with acids and bases...making a strawberry float!
 The kids loved it and Seth did an awesome job on all of the experiments.  We had a little excitement with some smoke and the staff not wanting the alarms to go off because of ISTEP...but overall...I think everyone enjoyed it.
Thanks Oompa for sharing your time...and building more memories with Seth!

First trip to the Zoo

It was a beautiful spring Grant and our friends Stella (and her mom Erica) headed to the zoo.  It wasn't very crowded and we had a blast exploring all the new changes for the new year.
Nope..not afraid of the ball Python at all!

They are best buds...whether in the childwatch at the Y or at the zoo!
Of course, we had to have 1 ride...this time they chose the carousel.

I love that Grant has buddies to do things with...and love that I am home with him to do these fun things! Cherishing these days...they are going quickly....We look forward to lots more trips to the zoo.

Seth's big week

It was Saturday, April 20 and the boys were at the Tin Caps game for school night.  I was at our church resale.  I got a text and a friend we know via Kate's Kart offered us 4 free tickets to the Tin Caps game on Sunday...AND a chance for one of the boys to throw out the first pitch.  How could we refuse that. 

So..after a few phone calls...all the grandparents were coming and we had 8 tickets.  We arrived on Sunday afternoon and Seth and Andy went down to the field.  Right before the game...3 kids got to throw a pitch.  1st a b-day boy, then a player from some b-ball team...and then they announced Seth's name as being with The Garrison Group, the charity of the day (that was who invited us, and just happens to be the group that does the 5K for Kate's Kart).

It went fast...but I'm sure for an 8 year old, it was a great experience.   Grant seemed oblivious to the whole thing, until Seth came back with the b-ball he threw.  So...a quick trip to the gift shop and some Cotton candy and he was good to go! 

Due to some other church choir commitments of Seth that night...we had to leave the game early. It was actually a nice afternoon for a game.

Waiting at the dugout
Out on the field, waiting to be called
 Getting the ball handed to him...notice his name on the big board! Pretty cool!
 And was a week later and his best bud Nate asked if he wanted to to back to the TinCaps again with his family.  So...Seth went on a beautiful Saturday night.   They were on their way home when Danielle (Nate's mom) called and said her brother was at a local country club with some of the IU basketball players...and that they were going to stop by for some autographs and pictures.

Andrew, Nate and Seth with Cody Zeller

With Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford hour later Seth comes home with  autographed professional pictures and pics of him and 4 of the IU basketball players.   Evidently, Nate's uncle was part of a car dealership that brought them in for a charity/autograph session...and they just happened to be having dinner across the way. 

Again...another awesome opportunity...that lucky kid!

Spring Break

We stuck around the house for Spring Break this year...after kicking the weekend off with Easter....

Monday:  The boys were at Grandma and Grandpa Ted' Andy went out to work and I spent the day at the storage unit.   I think we were both glad to get some work done.  After a "date supper"  we headed to Decatur to pick up the boys

Tuesday:  Worked around the night...dealing with broken van

Wednesday:  Went bowling...still dealing with broken van

Thursday:  Dealing with broken van...packed and were on our way to Bluffton when we got a phone call from a friend's brother, a car dealer, who had a van for us.   He was leaving the next headed back with 2 very upset boys..but came home 6 hours later with a  NEW VAN!  Woo hoo!  The old van was falling apart...chugged gasoline and just didn't feel safe.   Happy to be a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country

Friday:  Loaded up again and headed back to Bluffton, this time making it all the way.  We explored the buffaloes

Climbed the fire tower
Ate a picnic lunch
 Took a really long bike ride throughout the park and into Bluffton
 Saw lots of cool sights we had to stop along the way

 Grant was a trooper..figured he rode well over 5 miles...that's a lot for those little legs
 Climbed the fire tower again (well, Andy and Seth did,while Grant and I played on the playground)
It was a beautiful day...a perfect day to be outside.  In fact, the boys even came home with rosy cheeks and a red neck.
Saturday:  Cleaned the porch and got down the cushions, put away Easter and welcomed Spring.
Sunday:  Back at it...ready to head back to school and routine, after a quiet day at home. big trip...but so thankful for a couple fun things around home and a new van!