Thursday, July 18, 2013

Look Mom...NO Cavities

Monday was Grant's 1st trip to the dentist!   He was so excited...of course anything that big brother Seth does..Grant wants to do!  He climbed right up in to the chair...opened wide and was a perfect patient...and NO cavities!  He's got a little crossbite..but hopefully that will correct itself when his permanent teeth come in!

3 River's Parade

The 3 River's Parade was July 13...just 2 days after crazy VBS week ended.   Kate's Kart has a float in the parade for the 2nd year in a row!  We spent the extra time we had the week before getting ready.  

Andy built a frame for the banners...and Grant tested out some balloons!
 The trailor and ATV were washed!
 We met downtown...surrounded by friends, family and volunteers.  We waited around for the parade to get moving!

Seth had his little possy of girlfriends!
 And a buddy for Grant!

 Who would have ever thought....our little family!

 The parade was SO fast this year...we practically had to run the entire made it really hard to pass out the goodie bags..we got it done!
 And surprise surprise we won the award for "appeals most to children"  We were a little shocked because we weren't ready for judging when they came by to judge...but proud of Andy and all his hard work on the float!

A busy week

Friday, July 5 we loaded up and headed up to Garrett for the drive-in.  We met our friends the Newmans.  It was super crowded...crazy crowded.  In fact, people parked outside and walked in with their chairs.

It was a double feature...Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University

It was a little crazy...we didn't leave till 1!  But the boys did great and it was a beautiful evening to relax...before

VBS started on Sunday.  I was the director again this year...but fortunately this year I had a ton of help!  It was a crazy week...more kids than we've every had.  God really showed up and blessed the ministry in many ways.  It was definitely a family event...Andy helped cook and prepare all the meals before hand for the volunteers...and Seth always loves staying late and helping me set up/clean up!

On Wednesday we had a special treat as a long time "blog" friend Megan came in to town.  I first "met" Megan when searching the Internet for other kids with heart defects like Kate's.  Their son oldest son Elijah has the same heart defect. She is on a 3 week journey meeting other "heart families" and we were fortunate to be one of her stops.  We met at the zoo...on a VERY crowded day.

We went with Amber and her crew as well!  Their daughter also has a congenital heart defect...she lives in Fort Wayne as we've met a couple times.

 It was only a few hours...but definitely a bond with these mommas that is indescribable. Wished we had lots more time!  Megan is from Minnesota...maybe next spring we can go her way!

 And..this week Andy also put in a new patio door!   No lazy days of summer for us!   It was a little harder than expected..but he did an awesome job...and now we don't know what to do with a patio door that you can actually open with 1 hand.

July 4th

It was a beautiful morning for the annual association bike parade. We headed down to the start and rode back to the open lot

 We met Seth's buddy, Nate and they jumped a while, ate some pizza and rode in the hostage vehicle
 and was time to get wet!  They had a lot of fun with the firehose

 We were the last ones to they even got to help roll up the hose

 We went swimming with Nate's mom and sister and grilled out!   We chose to not head downtown...
so Seth and Andy went to the store and bought some little ones...and they had a blast setting them off in the front yard.
 Andy gets into it a little bit TOO much!
It was a (not so) quiet night at home...many neighbors were shooting off lots of fireworks, so we really didn't miss out on much.

Grant's 4th birthday

Crazy summer schedules get in the way of our summer we celebrated Grant's bday with grandma and grandpa on Sunday, June 30.   Nana and Oompa were camping out west.

We grilled chicken, pasta, asparagus and requested by the birthday boy.  He opened his presents...which he was SO excited about.  I think waiting for his birthday after Seth and Kate's is a little hard on a newly 4 year old.

He was so excited about picking out his cake...he had been saying he wanted a star wars cake for a long long time.

 really...could he be any cuter?

 On Monday, his actual birthday, I babysat the Hunter boys.    Grant was excited about lunch time, we dropped off Cannon (the little one) with his grandpa and then grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds before heading to Crazy Pinz to play in the ball pit!   He was so excited!
 Then...after a couple hours at Crazy Pinz..we picked up Cannon and big sister Emersyn and kept them the rest of the afternoon.   We finished up the cake and had ice cream.

Happy 4th Birthday Grant!