Monday, January 27, 2014

Doing Life Together

We have been so blessed with some awesome friends...and we have been intentional about getting together to do life.    On Monday, December 29 we met downtown and attended the Boars Head Festival.  I used to be in it as a child...and it's always fun to go back.   It is a celebration of Christ's birth...told 1st through 14th century telling of the Boars Head and then it goes into the traditional Christmas story.  The music and costumes are incredible.

We then headed down to Pint and Slice Pizza...we had the whole top room to our selves....great pizza and great conversation!

We checked out the Santa was REALLY cold!

And then..all 13 of us piled into 1 mini van and drove around the Festival of much fun! We finished the night off with ice cream cones at McDonalds.   I love it that the kids are becoming such great well as the adults.