Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weekend in Indy...part 1

 We surprised the boys with a trip to Indy as part of their Christmas presents.   We headed to Indy on Saturday, Dec. 28 after lunch and arrived at our hotel around 3:30.    We had used Priceline and got the Hilton right downtown.   I had noticed we only had a king I called the day before and asked for 2 double beds.  They told us it would be a $25 upcharge to change rooms and $10 for each roll-away.  So...we packed a air mattress and figured we would make do!

Upon arrival...I asked again and she said that she would look, although they were booked.  She offered a room with a king bed and pullout...and I thanked her and said that would be great!   She said consider it a complimentary upgrade!

What a surprise when we opened our room and found a small house!   I had never seen a hallway this long in a hotel!

The front room had the pull-out with a television and desk...the perfect place for the boys.

 then...the back was a huge king bed with a view overlooking downtown and Market Street.
We were bummed we only were there 1 night!

Since we were downtown...we walked over to the circle center mall and did a little bit of shopping before eating at Buca de Beppa. I had always heard about it but we knew nothing about it.   Although it was a little was very yummy!

We then walked down to the circle and walked around the circle.  It was a beautiful night to just enjoy the sights of downtown.

After that...we headed back to the hotel to go swimming and then ventured back out for a little ice cream snack before coming back to our little apartment for some tv watching and bedtime!

It was a great start to our weekend away!