Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Science Fair

In February, we began our first journey into the world of science fairs.  It was required by Seth's teachers for the higher level kids to complete a project.   So...Seth decided he wanted to do something with basketballs...and with the help of science fair expert, Oompa....we were settled on our 1st project.
Does the amount of air pressure in a basketball affect it's bounce?
We went to church one Sunday and did all the measuring.   Then...spent a few days compiling data and completing the board.   The school science fair was in late February.
And wouldn't you know it...Seth won top 5 at the school fair!  He was the only 3rd grader...and just 1 of 5 who were able to go to the regional fair a couple weeks later.

In early March, after some extra practice on his speech and getting more advice from Oompa...we were off to IPFW for the Regional Fair.

 He competed against all the other 3rd graders in the area...probably about 50 or so of the top projects from the city.  Andy and I had to sit in the bleachers for about 2 1/2 hours while Seth waited to be judged.   It was hard for this momma to NOT hear what he said...but I could tell from the judges expressions he was doing just fine!

We weren't too surprised when we had to stay for the 2nd round...does Seth ever not excel?

After coming home for a few hours while the judges deliberated...we came back and Seth won 2nd place!   So proud of our little scientist..and not bad at all for his 1st year project.