Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Snow...Snow and More Snow

It began snowing right after Christmas...and it didn't stop for 3 months.  It was one of the worst winters ever.   The kids missed I think at least 12 days of school...including an entire week right after Christmas break.  It seemed that every weekend it would snow...and it was COLD...bitterly cold, which meant that it wasn't always fun to play outside.
But, we did get outside and forts and even tried ice skating.  I was amazed at how well the boys did.

It was a long winter...which meant school was going to go long and into June.  Fortunately, the state allowed some of the schools to do extended days to make up hours...which is what Seth's school did for about 6 weeks.  In fact we even had snow in March.  Snow was on the ground for at least Jan-March.  Definitely a winter that wouldn't be forgotten.