Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spring Break...Week 1

This year, the spring breaks for the boys were on different weeks.    Seth and Grant were one week and Andy was the next.   We knew that put a little damper in our ability to do something for the week---not that that was really an option,  
But on Sunday morning...of week 1 of the boys....we VERY spur of the moment decided to go to Cincinnati to go the zoo.    I called my friend from high school who lived there...and she was free!    So we quickly packed and drove down...we met Sharyn and her family and walked across the purple people bridge into Kentucky and ate dinner at Tom & Chee...a fun grilled cheese place (as seen on Shark Tank).   It was a beautiful night...the first spring like weather we had for a LONG was glorious to not wear coats.
Thanks to Priceline...and a incentive..we got a hotel for $11.  We were up the next morning and headed to the zoo...utilizing our pass from the FW zoo...which saved us 50%!
It was another absolutely gorgeous spring day.   The zoo was pretty big...but we were able to cover all of it that day.  There were lots of animals we don't have including:  elephants, polar bears, white tigers, manatees and lots more!  It was a great little mini trip...but we headed back on Monday night since Andy only took 1 day off.

The rest of the week included a few fun excursions with just me and the boys..including a first time trip to SkyZone (the indoor trampoline park) and on a picture scavenger hunt with some friends from school.

(They were so cool to include Grant with the cool 3rd graders...but there just wasn't another letter on this one...poor Grant!)