Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spring Break...Week 2

The next week came along and it was Andy's turn.   Grandma and Grandpa offered to take us to Turkey Run State Park for 3 we gladly pulled Seth out of school for 2 days so we could enjoy another little mini trip and family time together.


We got there early afternoon on Sunday and checked into the Inn...there is always something fun about staying in the inns at the state parks.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so we headed out on a hike right away.  We had no idea what we were getting into!  It had been raining a the canyons were wet and streams were running...but that didn't stop us at all.
 Occasionally we fell...and had to be picked up...but we kept hiking

We found some left over snow!

And climbed the famous ladders on Trail 3!

The boys were SUPER!  In fact, as long as their were rocks to climb or jump over, mud puddles to avoid (Ha Ha) or sticks to carry....Grant did amazing!  We hiked many many miles that afternoon.

We had a yummy supper at the Inn..and then explored a few other closer trails to the Inn.  We went swimming and played a couple games.
The next morning we started out again on some more hiking and were able to avoid the rain until almost 2:00.   Another fun hike along the in the canyon, climbing over river rocks and another hike along the river, down to the covered bridge and back past the gold mine.

We stopped at the nature center to watch a show in the Planetarium...and came out to rain.  We headed back to the Inn for an early supper and games in the lobby.  It was the night of the FINAL FOUR championship game, so we watched that and Seth and I did a puzzle.
It was a relaxing great time with the family...the area was beautiful and the hiking was great!   So glad our boys are getting old enough to do fun things like this..WITHOUT having to be carried.
It was a wet rainy morning on we headed home after another great mini trip..grateful to have gotten in some great hiking before the rains came and muddied everything and closed some of the trails.