Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cape May July 19

We woke up around ready and packed...grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel and were on our way by 9:45...excited to be in Cape May by least that is what the Garmin said.  And that was until.....we hit traffic.  Evidently everyone else thought they would get going early and beat the traffic to the shore. frustrating.  I HATE TRAFFIC.  And after sitting for hours in Philly the day before...I was DONE!  But...we kept inching a little after Noon...we finally pulled into the house.

Fortunately, the tenants from the week before left early, which meant it was cleaned early, which meant we could get in!   Nana and Oompa were here waiting for us and had even gotten the fixin's for hoagies.   So...we unpacked...carried everything upstairs and ate a quick lunch!   There is something awesome about those east coast hoagies...LOVE IT!

Then...we changed and headed to the beach around 2.   It was a little windy and only about 75, so it was a little chilly...too chilly for me to go swimming...but not the boys.   We spent a little over an hour before coming back and getting cleaned up.

We walked down to the boardwalk...for what we thought might be some roller skating at the convention hall...but it was rented for a instead we of course HAD to have our celeboratory welcome to Cape May ice cream.      Then...back to the house to relax on the porch and finish unpacking. 

Oompa fixed a yummy 1st night seafood feast including peel and eat shrimp AND crabs stuffed flounder.   Eatin' is always great in Cape May...and we're so grateful for Oompa who makes his daily trip to the seafood market and cooks us a great meal.  Seriously...not having to cook makes any trip a TRUE vacation.

After dinner we all walked down to the boardwalk and played in the arcade. Something about that arcade.  I remember being so excited every night as a child and going to play skeeball...but it was 10cents and other games were a nickel.   Now...50cents for  a game of skeeball...and others are even up to $1.00.   Makes $5 nightly allotment go really fast.  But...still the boys are so excited EVERY night to go down and play.    It started to rain, so we headed back and watched some tv, played some cards and relaxed some more.    

Overall...a GREAT first day...a little longer than normal and a marvelous kick-off to a great week.