Monday, July 21, 2014

Cape May, Monday, July 21

Monday started with breakfast...waffles cooked by Oompa!  We are so spoiled having Oompa cook for us.   Andy and I rode our bikes to the grocery and did a little shopping for the day.  One of the cool things is that we never drive...we ride or walk everywhere.

Of course the boys were ready to go to the beach...we headed down around 10!  It was GORGEOUS.  A perfect Cape May Beach Day.    We took a break for lunch and then came back and enjoyed the sun even more.

For Christmas, Seth asked for a boogie board.  Nana and Oompa gave him a gift certificate and last night he picked it out!   It's pretty slick...and rides great. 

Back to the house around 4 for showers and down time.  I made baked macaroni and cheese (I know, it felt weird having to actually cook!)   We had a potluck supper with the Vollmers...with homemade crabcakes and all sorts of other yummy stuff.  We definitely eat well!  It was fun to all eat together.

Grant and I stayed back tonight...he is EXHAUSTED already and needed to learn to make some wise choices.  We may have to start an afternoon nap time!  Andy and Seth headed down to the boardwalk for ice cream and games.   Another great day in Cape May!