Monday, July 21, 2014

Cape May, Sunday July 20

After a light breakfast, we all rode our bikes down the boardwalk.  It's about a 1.5 mile walk/ride and you can only ride bikes until 10:00am.  We rode all the way down to Sunset Beach, watched the surfers and walked along out on the jetty rocks.

We then changed and were headed down to the beach.  It was still a little cool...and very fact, the sand was even a little painful as the wind blew.  But...the boys had a blast playing in the water...boogie boarding and body surfin and just jumping in the waves.

We came back about 12:30 and the gumdrop tree had bloomed...yep...magical combination of sea air, salt water and sunshine.  Only happens in Cape May!

Then we headed down to Convention Hall for the Pirate Dig.   I was a little weary as there were a TON of kids.   But...a pirate came out and directed all to walk a few blocks down to a beach. They had the areas roped off:  2-4, 5-7, 8-10.   At the sound of the whistle...all the kids went into the area and started digging for treasure.   We didn't know, so we didn't bring a shovel...but Grant just kept digging and digging with his little hands.   His system was a little off as he would dig in one area and then move to a completely different area...then a different area.   I was getting nervous as it appeared that a lot of kids were finding their treasure box buried in the sand.  After about 15 minutes, they let parents in to I drug my foot...felt something and called him over...and "tada"...his very own treasure box.    Inside was an eye patch, tattoo, bubbles, postcard and a 50cent piece..  He was so excited.   Overall I was really impressed...I was imagining a bunch of little trinkets...but the actual treasure box was kinda cool.  Grant had a blast!

We grabbed some lunch and then headed back to the beach for a couple more hours.  It wasn't quite as windy, but the tide was coming in so it was a little more rough...but the boys had a blast.
Back to the house to get cleaned up...relax a little and then supper, once again cooked by Oompa.  Homemade crab soup, shrimp and pasta.   Down to the boardwalk for some arcade playing and ice cream.   It was a gorgeous night.   
Finally, we ended the night with some Euchre playing with the Vollmers (friends who rent the house next door)  We had 4 teams going and a little mini and I didn't fair so well. But it was fun.