Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vacation: July 16

We woke up early and were on the road by 8:30....only had to turn around 1 time to get the camera battery charger.   It was a pretty easy drive...up through Toledo and Cleveland.  We stopped at a rest area on the east side of Cleveland and had a chilly lunch...but it was nice to stretch our legs and let the boys run a little.   We drove on and arrived at Niagara Falls, at our hotel just about 4:00.  We splurged a little and got a hotel right by the falls.  We were glad to be able to just walk every where.

We quickly checked in and headed down to the falls, which was only a 3 block walk.  We went on the Maid of the Mist boat tour and explored the falls at the observation tower and the stairs.  

As soon as we took off, we noticed a beautiful rainbow...our sweet Kate

The boys really liked the boat ride...and are excited to go on the cave tour tomorrow.  They were great troopers and did a lot of walking.

After exploring the falls for a bit...we were hungry. We walked to the visitor center, but didn't want $8 pre-packed sandwiches. Headed back to the hotel, but didn't want to spend $25 per plate.  We were amazed at the lack of restaurants on the USA side.  (We didn't have time to get passports renewed, so we have to stay stateside).   We finally got in the car and decided to drive somewhere....when we found a Hard Rock not too far.  So...took the van back to the hotel and walked back to Hard Rock.    Had a very yummy BUT LOUDDDDDD dinner...during the rain.
Back to the hotel for about an hour and then we walked back down to Goat Island and found a spot right on top of the falls (Luna Point, I think!).  They shot off fireworks right across from was a the perfect night to watch them.  It was surprisingly cool and everyone was dressed in sweatshirts.

Looking forward to discovering and exploring more about the Falls tomorrow.