Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation...July 18

After a night in a hotel in Rochester, New York and breakfast in the hotel (yummy cinnamon rolls) we were off for a day of driving.   We drove about 4 hours and stopped for a picnic lunch outside Scranton, PA.  Andy and I each picked out a flyer at the reststop...cause we knew we had a few hours to do something fun!    He brings back the Lumber Museum...including lunch with loggers!   I find a brochure from Camelback Resort...a high adventure place at a ski resort.   I WON!   So...we drove about 10 minutes out of the way to find this resort.     It was HUGE...and the parking lots were packed...but luckily that was for the waterpark.  We drove down the hill and found the high adventure lot.  Due to money and age/weight requirements (Grant didn't meet them all)  we decided on 3 runs down the Mountain Rollercoaster.

The lines were short and we were soon on our way.  You sit in a little kart and the pulley system pulls you about 5 minutes up the mountain.   You can see all the ski trails on your way up.   Grant had to ride with one of us...and we convinced Seth to go by himself.    It was a blast.   You control how fast you go with a braking system....we went full speed all the way down....although after 3 times down...I felt a little nauseous and shaken.   I rode with Grant twice...and he was crazy...putting his hands up and screaming.

Back in the car for about an hour or so before we got stuck in mega traffic in and around Philly.  I can't even imagine having to deal with that on a daily basis.   We lost almost 90 minutes before we finally made it over the bridge and into New Jersey.  Overall...the boys did great as it was getting closer and closer and then past dinnertime.   
Once we got moving, it was a quick drive to our stop for the night in Vineland, New Jersey.  There are Denny's all over the we decided to try it!     UGHGHGH...WORST DINNER EVER!!!  Can't wait for some fresh shrimp and Oompa cooking tomorrow night.  
By the time we got checked in it was almost's amazing how tired you can get from a day of driving.   But...tomorrow...the beach is less than an hour a way and then a WEEK OF PARADISE!