Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This's for real!

I realized something tonight.   I was preparing for a Kate's Kart's a special one where I actually have more time and get to share some of my faith journey and I went back and was looking for some pictures and details from Kate's hospital journey.   I didn't start blogging till a month before she turned 1....I couldn't remember some details from that 1st year...It made me sad.   Looking back on the blog...I found some info I needed. Had I only been blogging that 1st year....I would have those specifics.

It got me thinking...if those "special" memories are fading so quickly....certainly the memories of everyday life now will be gone way too fast.   There are too many things happening....too many moments I don't want to forget.   Plus...I spent some time looking back at those last weeks with Kate...the tears flowed...they don't that often anymore...but tonight they did.   I cherish the ability to go back...and remember.   These days with my boys...they are going too fast.
So...a pledge to continue...I need this diary....this journal. Facebook is good...but I cherished the details I was able to read.   Plus...since we experienced a burglary 2 weeks ago, I learned that anything backed up online is a blessing...cause cameras can get taken.

I will try to go back and get some of the big things from the last few months...but will concentrate on moving forward.

Today...was dress like a super hero day at Seth's school. All proceeds cost 1.00...and they come to Kate's Kart.  We obviously had to have a lesson on supporting our family charity...and after a lot of begging and pleading, and a little bribery...we finally got him convinced to dress up.     And I think he turned out just adorable.

And regarding Grant...he cracks us up:
Quote of the day:   To his best friend Talan, on the way home from school;    "If we were in a dance band, we'd have a lot of girlfriends."