Monday, January 27, 2014

Kate's Angel Day

It's really hard to believe that January 15 marked 6 years.   Days that have flown by...but at the at the same time...seems like forever since I held my baby girl.

It was a special day this year...Kate's Kart had been in a contest with 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union. A stranger had made an amazing video about Kate's Kart...her daughter Briley stared in it.  There was about 3 weeks of voting online...and we came in 2nd.   However..due to Jess's connection with 3 Rivers, she withdrew from the contest...but 3 Rivers still awarded us our check.

The celebration was that morning.  What a great way to remember our Kate...but receiving a check and meeting this sweet family.  My mom and I went because Andy was still recovering from knee surgery that he had on Monday, the 13th.  I so wished he could have been there. 

We sent our  traditional letters to Kate via the balloons from the celebration. 

And....celebrated our little girl with ice cream after church.

I am just so thankful that we have such positive outlets to remember makes the grieving, even 6 years much easier.   We miss you sweet girl...we're 1 day closer to hugging you again.

Blizzard of 2014

Well, they had been predicting it...people were going crazy...shelves at the stores were literally empty of everything from toilet paper to bananas to lettuce.    Well, they were did come.

It started on Sunday, January 5 ...and it didn't stop for almost 24 hours!   It was a beautiful day of snow and a perfect day to play outside.  The snow was perfect for snowman building.   We had a great time playing out in the snow for a couple hours.

We went back out later that night and it had gotten surprisingly colder...and surprisingly more quiet.   

And what happened after that....a full week off of school for Seth and Grant...Andy just had Monday-Wednesday off.  It got really cold...and the roads drifted and we got more snow.

We didn't venture out Monday or Tuesday...except to the backyard to get some snow to make snow ice cream.

Wednesday we went to the office to check on it and grabbed lunch at McDonalds.  The roads were still a little slick..and it was still COLD!

Andy had delay on the boys and I went to the Y and then sledding with some neighbors.  The chill had gone away and it was beautiful.

Then...on Friday we stayed home and cleaned house!   It was a crazy week...a whole extra week of Christmas break.    Fortunately...we stayed warm...had plenty of food...and the kids only fought 47 times each day.

Doing Life Together

We have been so blessed with some awesome friends...and we have been intentional about getting together to do life.    On Monday, December 29 we met downtown and attended the Boars Head Festival.  I used to be in it as a child...and it's always fun to go back.   It is a celebration of Christ's birth...told 1st through 14th century telling of the Boars Head and then it goes into the traditional Christmas story.  The music and costumes are incredible.

We then headed down to Pint and Slice Pizza...we had the whole top room to our selves....great pizza and great conversation!

We checked out the Santa was REALLY cold!

And then..all 13 of us piled into 1 mini van and drove around the Festival of much fun! We finished the night off with ice cream cones at McDonalds.   I love it that the kids are becoming such great well as the adults.

Indy Day #2 Grant and Mommy

Since we knew that Grant wouldn't' enjoy the Colts game for the price of the tickets...we opted to have Grant and I head to the Children's Museum while the other two were at the game.  We got there a little after it opened...and we went non-stop all day long.  That museum is heaven for 4 year olds.

It was still set up for the Jolly Days first off we went down the giant slide.

Then we were off to dig for dinosaur bones and see all the dinosaurs.

We explored the Jolly Days exhibit which included fishing.

We drove the Indy race car...

And spent a ton of time in the new playscape.  It had be redone and just opened a few months ago.  Grant loved climbing

and was FASCINATED by the ball thing-a-ma-gig.

We headed back to Jolly Days to have a snowball fight!

And then..after lunch...we found the giant Rube Goldberg Machine (aka, the ball thing-a-ma-gig)
He must have stood there for over an hour watching all the balls...and was especially thrilled when he got to participate and put the balls back into the cycle.

We dug in mulch...and...
surprisingly ran into best buds and neighbors Kael and it was extra special to play a little with them!

 We left around 4:30 to go pick up the big boys...and we could have stayed for 4 more hours.  It was a great day with just Grant and it was great that he got to do whatever HE wanted to do.  It was HIS day.  Hopefully we all can go back...before he grows up too much more!

Indy: Day 2: Seth and Daddy

We had bought 2 tickets to the Colts/Jaquars game in Indy from some friends..  It was part of Seth's Christmas present.   Grant and I left them in downtown while we headed to our destination.      Since they had 3 hours before the game started...they were able to walk around. Luckily is was decent weather outside.

They encountered some bagpipes....

and walked around the Pacers Stadium
 and ate lunch at the Circle Center Mall
 And then enjoyed a win from the COLTS.   They had a great time and enjoyed seeing the COLTS play in a regular season game.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weekend in Indy...part 1

 We surprised the boys with a trip to Indy as part of their Christmas presents.   We headed to Indy on Saturday, Dec. 28 after lunch and arrived at our hotel around 3:30.    We had used Priceline and got the Hilton right downtown.   I had noticed we only had a king I called the day before and asked for 2 double beds.  They told us it would be a $25 upcharge to change rooms and $10 for each roll-away.  So...we packed a air mattress and figured we would make do!

Upon arrival...I asked again and she said that she would look, although they were booked.  She offered a room with a king bed and pullout...and I thanked her and said that would be great!   She said consider it a complimentary upgrade!

What a surprise when we opened our room and found a small house!   I had never seen a hallway this long in a hotel!

The front room had the pull-out with a television and desk...the perfect place for the boys.

 then...the back was a huge king bed with a view overlooking downtown and Market Street.
We were bummed we only were there 1 night!

Since we were downtown...we walked over to the circle center mall and did a little bit of shopping before eating at Buca de Beppa. I had always heard about it but we knew nothing about it.   Although it was a little was very yummy!

We then walked down to the circle and walked around the circle.  It was a beautiful night to just enjoy the sights of downtown.

After that...we headed back to the hotel to go swimming and then ventured back out for a little ice cream snack before coming back to our little apartment for some tv watching and bedtime!

It was a great start to our weekend away!