Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 10 Ludington

Saturday, July 25

Another great night of sleep, thanks to the air conditioner.   I think it was about 10 again before we all woke up.  We attempted to bike ride out to the lighthouse...but it was a sandy gravel path and it was just too much for Grant.  He had his 1st and only complete melt down of the trip.  So...1/2 way to the lighthouse, we turned around and came back.  Oh well...for him only being 6...this was really the only thing we couldn't do that we wanted to!

We packed up since it was close to 12:30 by now and we had to be out by 1:00.  We drove back into town, found a parking spot and attempted to find a place to stay for the night.  However...a beautiful Saturday night on the beach...everything was booked.   So we decided, disappointingly, to make the best of if and enjoy our last day before driving home.  We changed and went swimming.   It was another gorgeous day and the beach continued to fill up.  It wasn't quite as dirty up at the public beach.  We bought some hot dogs/brats and had a picnic with chips and fruit from the camper at the local park.   We all went swimming until about 5:00.   It was a beautiful day

We changed clothes in the camper--having the RV made everything so convenient and then walked back into town for 1 more ice cream cone from House of Flavors...just a little medicine to soothe the fact that the amazing 10 days was coming to an end.

We had to drive back the park so that we could empty the sewer tank and then started the 4 hour drive home.  Stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and made it home at 11:02.  We drove through 0 rain..and only had the 2 nights in Canada when we even had rain. soon as we entered Allen County Andy could hardly see to drive!  Welcome home!    We came home to a very hot and humid house...but to our own comfy our own rooms.

It was an incredible 10 days.   We had hardly any mishaps...just me feeling sick on the 1st day, the restaurant not taking our debit card in Canada and a few minutes when we couldn't figure out how to reset the air conditioner when the fuse blew.  The boys did an incredible job for the amount of driving we did...and for being in such close along great.

The only changes we would have made:
-bringing some CD's for the hours we got no radio in Canada
-bringing along more firewood---especially since we knew they  wouldn't take it at the border.
-less nights at Tahquamenon and more nights in Canada

We are forever grateful to Nana and Oompa for loaning us their RV.  We could have never done this staying in hotels...and the thought of camping in tents and keeping food cool in a cooler makes me sick to my stomach.  We are truly blessed!

10 days and 1500 miles and 5 state parks and 1 provincial park!  3 great lakes, 3 boat rides and countless memories.  Oh and 2 pleasure books read...which is more than I've read in a year!  And had I had more...I probably could have gotten those read too!