Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 3 Tahquamenon Falls

Saturday, July 18

We all slept well...until 10:00 in fact.   I made a hot breakfast of eggs and sausage and then we were off on a 1 mile hike to the lower falls.  It was a pretty easy hike, through a lot of pine trees


We arrived at an overlook for the was a series of much smaller falls...but they were at least 5 different areas where the water fell

We then rented a rowboat and rowed across the lake to the island.  From the island, you could get out and wade in the water and get upclose to the falls.   It was really cool to see the falls up close and just wade around.  We probably spent almost 3 hours there.

He looks so grown up

up close to the falls

He loves to climb on was a giant playground

Andy hadn't said, "He's gonna fall in"...when within seconds he was in the water.    Only felt bad because we knew we had the long walk back...had we known, we would have dressed in our suits!

Your doing it wrong Andy!

Let me show you how to row a boat!
Instead of watching...he layed back and relaxed!!

It was after 3 before we got back to our campsite.  We had subs for a late lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.  We played some card games, took naps and tried to find some bike paths.  There were no bike paths and the roads to the other campgrounds were really hilly, curvy and busy with we settled for just riding around the campsite.    We made hobo dinners for a late dinner and had more s'mores.  Showers and a movie finished out the night.   The falls were fun and beautiful, but not a lot to do at the campground.  Still glad we saw the falls though.

Grant loves his s'mores!