Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 4 Canada

Sunday, July 19

We were up early, quick breakfast and pulled out by 10!

 Stopped in St. Saint Marie (US side) and had a picnic lunch in the camper behind the gas station.   Super easy cross across the border.  We were all nervous about it...and had all sorts of paperwork to support having someone else's camper.   They didn't even ask!  Basically, asked where we were from, where we were going and if we had tobacco, firearms or alcohol.   We did have to wait in line about 30 minutes due to the number of people crossing the bridge and in customs.

We drove north up to Lake Superior State Park.  Once you go through St. Saint Marie (Canada side) it got pretty desolate.   We had about a 3 hour drive up north.  We did stop at the Indian Craft stop, looked around and had some ice cream.

Along the drive we stopped at a couple lookouts....including the spot where the Edmund Fitzgerald wrecked...about 18 miles out.

We drove and drove all the way through Lake Superior Provenical Park.  Amazed at how big and spread out the park was.   Finally made it to Wawa around 5.
The fog had just moved in so it was quite chilly.   We were expecting a much bigger town...perhaps due to weather there was NO ONE out and about.
We saw the "famous" Wawa goose and checked out the visitor center. 

Then a walk along the lake in Wawa...pretty quiet

Stopped at the general store...hoping this would be the closest we would get to a moose!
Run, Grant, Run!    
 Then...we asked the locals where to get some Poutine...a Canadian favorite of French fries, cheese and gravy.   We found a little restaurant...filled with locals having coffee and chatting with the town college kid back for the summer.   Seth and Grant each had the fries...very filling and good for a cool day.   I had whitefish and Grant....pancakes!!!
We tried to go grocery shopping, but the only store closed at we settled for eggs and milk from the mini-mart.
We stopped at a local falls on the way to our campsite.   It was way down a gravel road...but were glad we made the trip...another great view of the Canadian wilderness
And more stop before reaching our campsite at Old Woman Bay...our 1st step into the water of Lake Superior.   It was a little chilly....especially since the weather was so cool

The cold didn't bother Grant...he was ready to go swimming

Lake Superior

We finally arrived at our campsite on Rabbit Blanket Lake.   It was a small campground with only about 25 sites.   There were beautiful primitive sites all along the lake, and then the electrical sites in the middle. The sites were super secluded with lots of trees separating the sites.    Got set up, cleaned up and settled in the camper.  Wood was TOO expensive to have a fire every night ($7 for about 5 small pieces that would burn in about 10 minutes).