Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 5 Canada

Monday, July 20

It rained overnight...but we awoke to a beautiful blue sky.  Drove to our 1st hiking spot about 20 miles south.   Hiked about a mile around Trapper's Lake.  It was very secluded and you felt like a moose or deer or bear could come around the corner at any moment.  There were some tree limbs to maneuver...but overall a pretty easy hike.   We did see a moose footprint...but no live animals!

Moose foot print

then we drove a little farther south to Katherine Cove for some swimming.  It was a small beach...and the boys dived right in.  I went to the RV and prepared lunch and we ate right on the beach.   It was pretty secluded, with only a few people coming to take pictures...but no one swimming like our boys.
they had so much fun...digging in the sand, and even using some driftwood as a boogie board.  The cool water didn't seem to bother them at all. We stayed for well over 3 hours and they were in the water almost the entire time.

With the convenience of the RV, we got cleaned up and headed even further south to the visitor center...checked out some displays and watched a few videos on the park.  Then...another stop at the pictographs. These were paintings down by Indians long time ago on the rocks of Lake Superior.  It was a very rocky, dangerous hike out to the shore.  There were signs everywhere about how dangerous it was.   The boys loved hiking through the rocks.
We made it out to the shore...but only Andy went out on the rocks to see the paintings.  We were able to see 2...and he was only able to see a couple the waves were coming up on the rocks.

Andy walking out to view the paintings

Can you find the paintings of a fish and deer

hanging rock

hiking back through a lava flow

Back to our campsite for a dinner of tacos...they tasted really good after a busy day of hiking and swimming.   We did a load of laundry and took bike rides around the campsite.  We popped popcorn and watched a movie before a late night bedtime.   The mosquitos were bearable. It was a glorious beautiful day and we were all exhausted after a full full day.