Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 6 Canada

Tuesday, July 21

Another rainstorm in the nighttime...but awoke again to another beautiful blue sky.   Made sausage and egg that we would have a good protein start to our hike.

Walked across the road to the start of the Old Woman River was about 1.5 miles along the river.   Lots of tree limbs, rocks and other natural obstacles to maneuver.   The mosquitoes were swarming..but our spray kept them away.

Grant LOVED every minute of the hike...and never complained once.  Seth loved it as well...they are both super hikers...especially if there are obstacles!  We saw lots of waterfalls along the path.   Although it was only 1.5 took us several hours.  But it was a cool morning...perfect for a hike in the woods.

We saw these signs all along the 50 mile park...we never drove in the it wasn't a real threat...but still kind of fun!
The boys wanted to swim some we headed back to Katherine Cove for 3 more hours of swimming.    Again...they were in the water the entire time...and we once again had a picnic on the beach.   We did a little hiking around the cove and found some giant rocks, as well as a little pool of  "warmer" water.

After our hike...Andy and I both ventured into the water.   I was in for about 20 minutes and went under 3x.  It was cold...but bearable for a few minutes.  Not sure how the boys did it...and it certainly wasn't "enjoyable" for Andy or me.  Andy went under once as well...just to say we went swimming in Lake Superior.

Proof I went under...wet hair!!

Back to camp for dinner!   Yummy yummy grilled cheese in the pudgy pie makers over the fire along with tomato soup.  Best dinner so far.  Then...a bike ride along the primitive campsites.  Lots of great view of Rabbit Blanket Lake.  Also...stopped and chatted with another couple we met...they were from Florida, but used to live in Indiana and went to BSU.  They were traveling around Canada as well.  They had a camper just like ours (Nana & Oompas) and we compared lots of stories.   Then...more s'mores and sitting by the fire before getting all cleaned up for bed.  Another glorious day in Canada.

Lake Superior Provincial Park was a beautiful park with lots of great hiking and swimming.  Unfortunately, it was so spread out that you had to drive almost everywhere.  There were plenty of trails to pick from...for even the beginners...even though there were some 4-6 day back country hikes too!  We really enjoyed our time in the Canadian wilderness.