Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 7 Soo Locks

Wednesday, July 22

We were up early to pack up and head out by 9.   Stopped at the Indian craft roadside stand again for t-shirts and some more Canadian candy bars that we don't have.  My fav is the Wunderbar.  Spent all of our Canadian money.

Then...we went ahead and stopped on the Canadian side of the Soo for lunch.  We had seen an A&W restaurant...which Andy loved growing up.  It was actually quite of the best sandwiches and onion rings I've had from fast food.  Although we couldn't get our debit card to work there (they had different kind of magnetic readers) and we had spent all of our we ended up getting robbed of 15% since we paid cash in American.  Oh was worth it.   Except for the chocolate milk...their chocolate milk is different and had a rotten taste to it.  The cashier even admitted that Canadian chocolate milk was gross...but Seth really loved the white milk we got earlier.

Had a hard time finding the bridge (their signs were in weird places)...but once we did...had a simple crossing back to the US!   Just asked us where we were from and where we had been.  No wait...welcome back to the US!

On to the soo locks for a boat tour.  We had about a 45 minute wait...but got caught up with email/FB since we had been out of touch for the past 3 days.   Another gorgeous afternoon and we had a great tour up the river, under the bridge, over to the steel mill and back through the Canadian locks.  We watched from the front of the boat and had a great view of the locks.   Very interesting to hear all the details and facts about how it was built, how it's used, etc. 

longest power plant in the world...over 1/4 mile long

going into the American go up to Lake Superior

going up

even now...gates are opening

Canadian locks...going back down to Lake Huron level

back down

gates are opening again

After the boat tour...we drove a little over an hour to St. Ignace for our stay at Straits State Park.  We made a quick stop at the grocery for more milk, fruit, lunch meat and bread.  Found our spot at Straits...a very nice, but busy park since it's so close to Mackinac.   Made dinner of sausage/mac and cheese and then took a hike down to the view overlooking the bridge.    The view was pretty cool as you felt like you could almost just walk on the bridge.  Showers and then watched a tv show since it was the 1st time we had tv service since our trip started.   In bed early since we had to be up early on Thursday.