Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation 2015 Day 8 Mackinac Island

Thursday, July 23

Up bright and early to get to the loading docks by 8:30.   Once we unloaded our bikes and found the RV parking across the street...we were just in time for the 9:30 ferry.  Luckily, this was the boat that went under the bridge.   It was pretty cool to see the bridge from much bigger than you would think.

We were on the island around 10:30.  We took off right away for the bike ride around the island, while it was still cool.  We stopped about 8 look at the view or to look at various landmarks.   Overall...Grant did really well on the ride.  The ride was one of Seth's favorite things about our day.

Devil's Kitchen

Atop the 207 step climb to Arch Rock

After the bike ride, we headed down Main Street and ate lunch at a restaurant.  We all had sandwiches..nothing fancy or super great...but considering the crowd on the island...we were lucky we didn't have to wait.
After lunch, we headed over to the Fort.  Grant loved every minute of our time their.  He asked so many questions and loved all the interactive exhibits.  He made sure we went in every building.
Grant in jail

Love his view of the island

learning how to be a soldier

watching a mock court marsalling

After the fort, we walked along Main Street and did some shopping for Christmas tree ornaments.   And...of course we had to have some ice cream.   We sat along the lake and the boys threw in lots of rocks.  

We walked back down and decided on pizza for supper.   It was quite tasty.  Then...some more shopping and rode our bikes up to see the Grand Hotel.   All day...ALL Grant wanted was fudge!  At the end of the day, he finally got his fudge!  He was so happy.   We caught the 8:00 ferry off the island. It was a beautiful day.

Once we got back to camp, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the other campground and saw another view of the bridge...right around sunset.

Back to the camper for showers and bed!  Long day!